Quodian's Boudicca

Longhair free by parentage
eyes clear, incl gonio

date of birth: 01-02-2019

S: Nemzet Kince Tüszvaraszló
D: Csipkeskuti Cszikzak

Show results:

10-06-2019: Pinkstershow Venray Minor puppy class 1st very promising best minor puppy
21-12-2019: Kerst Winner show 2nd excellent

Work ualifications:

20-09-2020: Hungarian ability test: AV passed
17-10-2020: Hungarian huntingdog test VAV passed

I am looking forward to seeing her growing up.

about her name:
Boudicca: Derived from Brythonic boud meaning “Victory”. This was the name of a 1st-century red haired Queen of the Inceni who led the Britons in revolt against the Romans.

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