Quodian's d'Espelette (Espe)

date of birth: 10-05-2018

carrier of longhair gene

Hunting and fieldwork qualifications:

28-04-2019: Hunting ability test Hungarian Vizsla Club (AV): passed with 144 points
01-06-2019: Field and water test: (Vizi Mezei Vizsla): passed with 277 points
12-07-2020: Juniors 4th very good
16-07-2020 Juniors 2nd very good
17-07-2020: Juniors 1st very good
18-07-2020: Open class Solo good
19-07-2020: Juniors 1st very good

15-10-2020: Juniors 1st very good and Derby Winster 18-10-2020: Juniors 1st good and Derby Winster


26-09-2020: Dogshow Maastricht working class 1st excellent best working dog
27-09-2020: 3rd excellent

S: Baru vom Schimberg
D: Quodian's Cayenne


Espe and Cayenne (mum and her daughter):

About her name: there a lots of different peppers from really hot from sweet and mild. Piment d'Espelette is one of those and grows in French Basque country. D'Espelette is a variety of the Cayenne pepper.

We looked forward to having a pup from the combination Cayenne and Baru and are very happy with Espe and hope that she can fulfill our hopes and expectations.

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March 2020:

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