All our litters comply with the rules of the Dutch Vizsla club

Short haired puppies born on January 31, 2024

On Wednesday January 31 Boudi and Freddy became parents of our F litter.
There are 10 healthy and strong puppies.
There are 6 males and 4 females.

As expected, Boudi is a very caring mother. More updates soon!

We traveled to the Czech Republic to have Boudi mated by the magnificent male Xplosion Danitty (called Freddy).

Our preference was to use a male without family relationship with our Bodi and we found that in Freddy.

He is friendly with an open character who also proved to be able to work and hunt.

We are very grateful that the breeder of Freddy - Lucie Svobodova - let us use Freddy as sire for the future litter.

Click here for the virtual pedigree of the litter

Xplosion Danitty (Freddy)

Dearly Beloved Free Jazz x Madeleine Danitty

free from hereditary eye disorders
longhair gene free

ZV (Natural Ability test)
P.Z. (field and water test)
VZ (two days alround test)
Field trial CACT

Czech champion
Croatian champion


Images of our previous short haired Vizsla litter in 2012 - Images by Aaron Busby

click for a larger image of the puppies