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  All our litters comply with the rules of the Dutch Vizsla club


Short haired puppies born on March 22, 2020

The puppies of Cajun are born on March 22, 2020. On day 62 of her pregnancy Cajun got a litter of 9 with 3 females and 6 males. They were born on a Sunday. In the Netherlands we have an expression abouu babies (or pups) that are born on a Sunday. The English expression is 'lucky dog'. Well, we really think these puppies will be lucky dogs and we can't wait to see them grow up to fine dogs.

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Cajun is the eldest daughter of Cayenne. In February she became 4 years old so it was really getting time to get a litter now. Cajun (Cayenne junior) is a slim, wel built and powerful female. Her color and coat are wonderful and she has the so desired soft expression with a good eye color.

She is always quiet in our pack and does whatever she likes. In the house calm and peaceful but outdoors the one that runs fastest of all. Nobody is faster than she is and playing with the frisbee is one of the nicest things to do! Ofcourse she is also a good working dog: she obtained 4 working qualifications.

We chose Rijk (Szervuz Szultan) as her partner. Rijk is a firmly built male with golden character. Last year he became father for the first time and since we are fond of his offspring, we decided to use him again for Cajun.


Quodian's Cajun

date of birth: 24-02-2016
D: Quodian's Cayenne
S: Dollar Vives Bohemia


Szervuz Szultan



short haired Vizsla pups planned autumn 2020

Later this year we would like to have a litter from our Csipke. More information will follow later.
At this moment we can't take reservations for these puppies !!


Images of our previous short haired Vizsla litter - Images by Aaron Busby

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