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  All our litters comply with the rules of the Dutch Vizsla club


Wirehaired Vizsla puppies born on October 3, 2020
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Jegyes and Arlo have puppies! There is 1 male puppy (Uno) and 3 females Ulla, Utah and Uma.

update October 20 2020

The puppies are 17 days old. Their eyes are open now and they are going to interact with their environment. It is so nice to follow the development of this quartet. I love it.

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Father of the puppies is Venatordream Arlo who we imported from the UK because of his pedigree.
He is now working as hunting dog for our friend Harry Hendriks.
He is a good worker and has a nice and gentle character and lives with 2 other wirehaired males Onyx and Solo.




Images of our previous short haired Vizsla litter - Images by Aaron Busby

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