December 27, 2012

Goodbye to our Ari! Today our akabhegyi Vadasz Arasz died. It hurts. Goodbye special friend!

  December 12, 2012

December 9, 2012 : Brussel Winner show Belgium

I went to Brussel with Dia (
Vizcaya Song Sung Blue) and Susie (Quodian's Susie-Q)to the Brussel Winner show . There were 11 short haired Vizslas and also the Pallesen family with Szilas (Quodian's Rembrandt) came to Brussel. We were very happy with the results: Dia got CAC/CACIB and was Best female and Belgian Winster 2012, Szilas did even better. He won CAC/CACIB, became Belgian Winner and was BOB. He was also placed 3rd Best in Group 7 !
Susie beat the bith in champion class and won CAC/CACIB/BOB and Belgian Winster 2012 We had a great day.

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  December 4, 2012

Winner show 2012: There were 9 Quodians Vizsla entered for the Winner show. It was a great day but not all results were great, maybe due to the taste of the judge this time. We are very proud of Daniavizslas Dahler. He became best puppy and even 3rd best puppy is show! (son of Q Wanda and Q Solo).

Quodian's Galyva was Juniorwinster 2012, Vizcaya Song Sung Blue was 2nd (excellent) and Q Enya was also placed 2nd with excellent. The other dogs got a 'very good'. In the breeders'groups the Quodian group was selected for a second look but not placed. Thanks to all the owners for entering their dog. See you on the next show!

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The next day there was an article in a newspaper about the Winner and this was one of the images:

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  December 3, 2012

Hall Farm Shoot November 17, 2012. I left for the UK on November 16. I went on the ferry in Hoek van Holland and arrived at Harwich. This as quite an adventure since I had 3 dogs with me: Csupy, Manó and Shenti. Shenti would stay in the UK and I would take Mara back home. The trip went fine, the dogs were sleeping during the whole 9 hours of the trip as I could see on the videoscreen in my cabin.

On Saturday I was invited to join a shooting as 'picker up' and this was a new experience for me and quite exciting.

Normally I act as a beater and in that case you are busy all day and have to walk a lot but this time I would stay 'on post' and would wait until the game (pheasant, pigeon and woodcock) was shot.

After that the dogs could enjoy themselves retrieving the game and search for the runners.

It was a great day and I really enjoyed the 'English style'. Not only the people were great and friendly and polite, but also the weather was wonderful.

click for a larger version of the image (photography: Aaron Busby)

  December 2, 2012

In January a litter is expected in Sweden. Father: Quodian's Xerxes SV-08-J HD A and mother Quodian's Lana J- HD A. The litter complies to the rules and regulations od the Swedisch club with all necessary qualifications. More info: Amber Points Kennel

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  November 5, 2012

In memoriam November 5, 2012: Anton Gideonse son from Gentle and Aliz & Dennis and Dushi, brother from Vizsla Lotte. No other dog had a better life and that feels good. Eventually the sadness will become less and the memories will stay forever.

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  November 10, 2012

Hunting in Ochtrop Germany

Via Rob and Marijke (owners of Q Nala (Pip)) I was able to join in on a shooting on woodcock, pheasant, hare, rabbit and later that day on duck as well. In the morning we all had breakfast at the local restaurant. There were 50 people. There was transport from trail to trail and it was all a great experience and well organized. The trail through the cornfield was beautiful and very exciting. It was about 500 meters long! At the end of the day there were 72 trophies but that seemed to be much less than in previous years. I really enjoyed myself and Mano and Biri had a great day as well. I won't forget this day and would like to thank Rob and Marijke Loohuis as well as Harrie Boomkamp. I hope to see you all next year again!

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Een mooie foto van Anders na een geslaagde jachtdag met zijn twee honden Q Wagga en Q Eszta (Denemarken)

  November 7, 2012

November 4 and 5: at the show in Denmark Herning Q Solo did very well. On the first day he becomes BOB and Danish Winner. On the second day he became B.O.S and Nordic Winner. Two great results. W


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During the same weekend there was also a show in Bleiswijk. Q Rembrandt ( szilasz ) became BOB (16 short haired Vizsla's were entered) and was places 4th Best in Group 7. I am very proud. Thanks to the owners!

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  November 6, 2012

I got a message from the Schers family that their Vizsla, Quodian's Fenyes Natangy died. She was 12 years old (Gentle x Aliz). She had a wonderful life and travelled to a lot of places and even lived in the US during the time that her owner worked there. She also went on hunting trips but most of all she was a great companion for the family. I wanted to share the beautiful images on the website. My sympathy and I sincerely hope that very soon another wire haired Vizsla puppy will be in your life again.

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  October 30, 2012

A stranger in the house !!

Balzác is a Grand Cascon Sartongeois and a real breed. He came to us via a German organization which helps dogs in need.

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Balzác was in a animal shelter for almost a year. How he came there is unknown. Most probably he got lost after a hunting session and since French hunters have enough dogs they just did not pick him up from the animal shelter. Unfortunately the dog stayed there.

There was no hope that he found find a new owner in France. The French don't like hunting dogs and hunters are not interested in a 6,5 year old dog. The chance of Balzác being put down was eminent.

I followed him a couple of months via Facebook and when I heard of the possibility that he was going to be put down, I decided to pick him up. I think he deserves a new owner.

Balzác date of birth is May 16, 2006 and he is neutered. He likes other dogs and cats, is obedient and very friendly. He likes to be in the car and is quiet as well. He is very social, and he is not suitable as a guard dog because he is so friendly.

Because the breed is meant for hunting, Balzác has to be on a lead since he will run away following a scent in the fields. This is his nature and he will follow his nose. For his own safety it will be best to keep him on the lead.

Breedinformation (source wikipedia):

The breed is a very typical French hound, with a lean and muscular body, long legs, long drop ears and pendulous flews (lips). Size for the Grand is 65 to 72 cm (25.6 to 28.3 ins) at the withers, females at total 24 to 26 inches; size for the Petite is 56 to 62 cm (22 to 24.4 ins) at the withers, making it still a fairly large dog; females are slightly smaller. Grands weigh 66 to 71 pounds. The eyes are dark chestnut. It has an elongated head. Its black nose is well-developed, and the lips are pendent. It has a deep chest, and a strong back. The tail is elegant and saber. The colour of the coat is white with black patches, sometimes speckled or ticked with black. Ears and face around the eyes are black and the cheeks are tan, but there should not be a tricolour appearance. Two tan markings are above the eyes, and sometimes a tan marking is found on the base of the upper thigh, which is called the 'roe buck mark'. Faults, which indicate the dog should not be bred, include lack of substance, weak back, deviated tail, cow hocked, or legs that are too angulated or straight, which would impede running ability, as well as being off-colour or overly aggressive or overly shy.[1] The breed is noted for its good nose, excellent voice, and beautiful gallop, important attributes in a hunting dog. It is instinctively a pack dog. It is not only used for hunting small game, but also large like deer or wolves.

It is audacious, resistant, aristocratic, and is very affectionate off the hunting fields.

On the images below the arrival of the dogs from the French shelters. Some of them already found a new owner or are waiting for one elsewhere.

click for a larger version of the image

Do you think you can give Balzác a good new home, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  October 23, 2012

Quodian's Vizsla's did well on the shows again!

Solo Dutch Ch.

  October 18, 2012

More images of the Coupe de l'Europe
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  October 17, 2012

On October 8 and 9, Manó and me competed in the Coupe d'Europe for Vizsla's in France. There were 26 dogs from 8 countries, divided over 2 groups. I am very proud since Manó became 3rd (excellent) on the first day of the competition. Unfortunately my team mates and me could not earn points on the second day and therefore we ended 5th overall. I had two wonderful days and enjoyed seeing old and new friends. The fields were perfect as well as the organization. See you next year! More images will follow!

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  14 oktober 2012

News from Argentina: September 6, 2012: Quodian's Tareck becomes 3rd best in show

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  October 4, 2012

Quodian's Standish (Harry) owned by R Crezee got his C certificate on September 1, 2012.

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  October 3, 2012

Field trial 26-09-2012

As announced after the spring competition, there would be another field trial in the autumn of 2012. I was very happy to see that no less than 6 Quodian's Vizsla's were present. One wire haired and 5 smooth haired Vizsla's from our Silke. The day went well. It was quite windy but there was no rain and despite the fact that there was not much wildlife, the dogs did well and showed their qualities. The stritc judge awarded 4 of the 6 with an honourable mention. For both Quodian's Sonne and her 6 months pregnant owner Myrthea Rozendaal and Quodian's Gucci with owner Ronald van Cortenberghe this was the first competition and I hope many more will follow.

Thanks to the owners Monique van Rozendaal with Lola (EV), Michael Pallesen with Szilasz, Nicolette Roodink with Vito(EV), Christiane Timmers with Farah, Myrthea Rozendaal with Sonne and Ronald Cortenberghe with Gucci. This is what I always hope for and why I breed in the first place. Mano and I also tried to find wildlife but did not succeed.

  October 2, 2012

New images of the clubmatch of September 16.

Results of the KCM 16 sept 2012 Hoenderloo

Wire haired :
Smooth haired:

click for a larger image (photos by Aaron Busby)

  September 16, 2012

Yarno got a res CAC at the clubmatch.

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  September 15/16, 2012

I had a wonderful weekend. My friend Caroline Busby (starshot kennels) and her son visited us during the weekend of September 15/16. We had a great time. Her Son Aaron made some great images of us and the dogs (see also his website and we went to the Clubshow of the Vizsla Club on Sunday.

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  September 4/5, 2012

Field work training in France! On September 4 and 5 we stayed at Domaine Des Auvrays in France to do a field work training given by Ton Slager. We had two marvellous days. The fields were enormous and there was a lot of wildlife for the dogs to work with. We learnt quite a lot. It was also great to see the offspring from Silke and Lance at work. Their owners are soo passionate and the dogs did great. We will be back next spring to work with partridges and I am looking forward to that trip already!

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  September 2, 2012

Quodian's Solo become 2nd at the field trial.


  August 27, 2012

Great news!! On August 26, Quodian's Rembrandt (Szilasz) - son of Silke and Lance - wins at the show in Rotterdam. Not only does he win his 3rd CAC and 1st CACIB, he also becomes BOB and 2nd Best of Group 7! Another great result of this great young male. Congrats to Michael. !!!!

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  August 11, 2012

Message from Sweden from Marie Freden owner of Quodian's Xerxes and Quodian's Lána. Our Xer, Quodian's Xerxes, has made us proud today. He was the best dog on the trail. Waterretrieving and retrieving in the forrest. He got maximum points. 10/10. Also our Lána, Quoidan's Lána was doing good today. Her points was 9 on the forresttracking and 8 on the water.

  July 24, 2012

Kati took Dia to a dogshow in Hungary. It was a special show for Vizsla's. Dia was placed 4th in her class with 'excellent'. Thanks Kati.


  July 14, 2012

Shen and Dia are in Hungary with my friend Kati. They are working hard and are being trained for fieldwork. As far as I hear they are doing fine, are improving and are having fun. Eszter Tacács made some images which can be found on the respective pages from the girls. Thanks Eszti en Kati !!!

click for a larger image

  July 11, 2012

News from the USA: Quodian's Quita was rewarded B.I.M (Best in Misc. Class) Congrats to the owner Nancy Edmunds

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  July 10, 2012

News from Argentina: Quodian's Tareck was rewarded B.I.S. ( Best in Show )!!!!

Congrats and thanks to the owner Sergio Alonso

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  July 6, 2012

I am so proud of Quodian's Hungarian Rapsody. He is now Dutch Champion. Thanks and congrats to Conny and Perry Spits.

  July 5, 2012

Solo was also entered for a show in Belgium. he did very well and was rewarded with a CAC/CACIB and BOB and was also place 8th in group!

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  June 20, 2012

Imagine that you are just 4 months old. First you can go to Norway on holidays with your owners and before you even realize it you are on the north pole. Unique isn't it? Thanks Carolien and Jan Eilander owners of Quodian's Suaza (Luna) for sending me the images. I hope more images will follow in the future.

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  June 16, 2012

Last week we had a great weekend in Hungary. On Friday June 8 Daniel - my son - and I left for Hungary to have our Silke mated. In the evening we arrived and it appeared that there was a field trial organized the next day. So we were extremely lucky! Csupy and Mano had joined us and after being invited to join in we decided to compete with both dogs. Unfortunately Silke could not compete since she was in heat! It was the first time for me to compete in a trial like this and I did not know all the rules and regulations but guess what, we did not finish on the last position! We ended on the 12th and 14th position (20 entries).

click for a larger image

We had to do some waterwork: fetching of two ducks across the water, 5 minute search in the water, stay steady after a shot and lots more exercises.

We were busy all day with temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius. The beer and gulash soup after the trial was lovely. The evening was filled with dancing and listening to music. The weekend was absolutely great and I want to thank everybody for inviting us to

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  June 15, 2012

Quodian's Rembrandt (Szilasz) was on a show in Vissenbjerg (Denmark) and became 1st with 'excellent' and the CAC, best male and B.O.S. He is only one year old so this sounds all very promising! I am proud. Congrats and thanks to the owners the Palessen family.

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  June 14, 2012

News from the USA: Quodian's Betyar was awarded with the Certificate of Merit after having earned the required 25 points in various shows in the USA. I am very proud. Thanks to his owner Deb Wall. Congrats!

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  June 5, 2012

Message from Sweden: Quodian's Matz (Viggo) 1st show: Hässleholm National Show 1st excellent and CAC/BOB. Thanks and congrats to the owners Jonas and Anette Westerholm

click for a larger image

Quodian's Rembrandt (szilasz) is also doing well on the shows. At the Pinkstershow in Arnhem 1st excellent and reserve CAC. He is now Dutch champion. On the show in Bennekom he was placed 1st again with excellent, competing against 6 others. We are proud of Szilasz and wish him and hiw owners a good and succesful trip to Denmark.

At the same show in Bennekom, Quodian's Hungarian Rhapsody (Jethro) was placed 1st excellent and reserve CAC and his little house mate Quodian's Drambuie (Gibbs) was best baby in show. Perry and Connie will certainly have been happy.

  June 5, 2012

Eclair has new owners.

Monique and Hanny took care of Quodian's Cinka Manuck who died on the age of 15. They asked me about a mature Vizsla and after ample consideration I decided that they could take care of our Eclair - grand daughter of Cinka. Ofcourse I will miss her, but I also know that she will have a great home. Eclair got a litter of 10 pups, our Rolling Stone litter.

click for a larger image


  June 4, 2012

News from Argentina:

click for a larger image

Quodian's Tareck Reycedelis had his first show in Argentina and it was a success. He became fourth Best Pup in Show. Congrats to the owner. I hope that a lot more good results will follow in the future!

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  May 18, 2012

Worlddogshow Salzburg May 18, 2012
One of Larmas' daughters is now Worldchampion. She was BOB and 3rd B.O.G! World champion female Póspataki Drótos Lili (Fürdoházi Lármás X Póspataki Drótos Emma) breeder/owner: Dr. Zsedényi István. Congrats to the owner and breeder!

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  May 15, 2012

Europasieger Dortmund May 13, 2012
Our Glen won yet another title! Europasieger 2012. We are very proud of him.

Click for a larger image

  May 1, 2012

The girls are back!

Shenti and Dia were in Germany for training by the Wethmar family and obviously enjoyed their vacation. Maybe slightly overweight now but they look great and passed their field test (VJP) with flying colors. I am very proud and also happy that they are back home again.

Click for a larger image


  May 1, 2012

I got a lovely image from Perry and Conny Spits. Quodian's Drambuie is developing well and is obviously becoming a well built female!

  April 24, 2012

During the weekends of April 15 en 22 we were in Antwerp and Goes with Biri and Nótás. The first weekend both dogs got a Very Good. The second show we did better. Biri got a Very Good but Nótás got an Excellent 1 with the desired CAC/CACIB and BOB. Kayleigh van Zijl was also at the show with Quodian's Grandeur (Rico). Grandeur got an Excellent 1 with the desired CAC/CACIB and BOS. We had a very nice day!

  April 18, 2012

14-04-2012: I would be so proud when one of my puppies was competing in a fieldtrial. I am even more proud when there are 4 dogs competing! So as you may understand I am super proud to hear that 2 of these 4 had great scores on a test with a partridge during a trial. Speaking of talent! The participating dogs were Quodian's Rubens, Rivella, Ruby and Rembrandt. It was the first trial for Nicolette and Rubens ( vito ) and they goe a 1st VG and became best Vizsla of the day. Monique did well with Rivella (Lola. They got a 'good' and were placed 2nd. I am so happy that you all did so well. Thanks to all of you and see you in the autumn again!

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  April 16, 2012

A gallery has been added to the Dachshund pages!

  April 11, 2012

Spring at last and very busy! Sometimes I am just too busy to sit behind the computer for updates. I got a lot of great messages and images. I hope you will forgive me the silence and delay. I prefer working with the dogs! So some updates not necessarily in the right order.

I am very proud of Quodian's Rembrandt (Szilaz) and his owner. During the first field trial Szilaz performed well and got an honorary mention. This gives a boost for the future and he will only get better. At the Eastershow in Leeuwarden he got a 1st excellent (he got 'excellent' three times before) in junior class. This is what I like to see in our dogs: not only handsome but also willing and capable of working! Thanks Michael !!!

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Raymond and Harry are training here nearby in Klundert. On March 17 Harry got his 'jonge honden certificaat' and they now started training for the C/B certificate. I wish them luck and I guess I will see them soon. Maybe it would be fun if and when I would come to the lessons with my youngest baby!

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Brava (Ziva x Yarno) is getting a big girl!!

click for a larger version

In Greece it is also spring! The small golden dot is Tuunde who is enjoying her own private garden! Lovely image, thanks for sharing Ton!

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  February 6, 2012

Winter in Oudenbosch!

Click for a larger version of the image


  January 30, 2012

10-08-2007 / 25-01-2012. Goodbye sweet Yoker !! January 25 was not a complete happy day. Although the puppies from Biri and Glen were born, we also had to say goodbye to Yoker due to a malignant tumour in his abdomen. Yoker was a son of my dear Csupy and Makk. He was the father of our Glen and is grandfather of the puppies that have been born now. Yoker was always happy and always wanted to play. He was fit and muscular, sweet and amicable. He will be deeply missed by his mate Zanthos but above all by his sad owners the Kroon family.

  January 22, 2012

Finally Quodian's Tareck, puppy from Akki and Duhaj, arrived in Buenos Aires Argentinia. Sergio Alonso (kennel Rey D'Celis) is the proud owner. He came to Amsterdam to pick up Tareck. We hope that Quodian's Tareck Rey D' Celis as the first wire haired Vizsla in South America will proudly represent the breed. We hope that Quodian's Vivo Rey D'Celis will follow soon.

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