December 13, 2011

Deb Wall and Quodian's Betyar will go to the Eukanuba AKC World Challenge in Orlando on December 17 and 18! At the show the best dogs from all over the world will compete to win a title. Deb qualified with Betyar and will be entered into the 'Miscellaneous breed classes" and will try to win the title. We wish Deb and Betyar the best of luck!! Good luck Deb !!!!

Deb en Betyar B.I.S in Atlanta October 21, 2011

  December 6, 2011

Another nice mail from one of the owners of a puppy:

Just to say hello from Pastis (Amsterdam). I am certain that all his brothers and sisters are as happy, gentle and lovely as he is, but I bet only one can smile to the camera like him!
Regards, Tanja & Pastis

  25 november 2011

On November 19, Kayleigh van Zijl and Silke ( Quodian's Una ) passes the V.E.G exam with great results. I am very proud!

Klik voor een grotere foto:


  25 november 2011

I often receive very nice and enthousiastic mails from owners about the puppies. This one is about Copain.
Hi Lies,
Everything goes well with Copain. He now weighs 28+ kgs, is lean and slim. He is a real showman. Everyone loves him wherever we go. I know you think that he lokks like a fuzzy bear, but I think he is the most wonderful fuzzybear on the planet. He runs like a hare, is never dominant to other dogs and loves to play with everything around him. He likes birdies and sometimes he smells a rabbit and he then stands still. During the night he is a little afraid when we encounter a swine outdoors, especially if it passes us in the field when dark. He also practices standing on three legs when peeing but most of the time he just pees on his front legs while trying to aim at the tree. He loves water and swims well. He also retrieves a lot of things from the water and considers those things as his prey. Nevertheless, he does not seem to understand the word 'let loose' because he wants the reward as the 'prey' and can't let it go yet. But we will get there eventually I guess. During our walks he really loosens up after 40 minutes. He really changes.... his eyes look different and he runs and plays and is almost unstoppable. The only thing he really knows well is the command 'sit'. I taught him that during his best time obviously and since I was so impressed that he listened to that, I forgot to teach him other commands. Ly down is difficult, because he goes down with a trick and immediately rises again and looks at me to see if he is a very good dog or not. Well actually not ofcourse..... So I will have to work hard to get him to learn some commands before the training season starts and he has to work in the fields. He is still a puppy in an adolescent body. He still sleeps on the bedroom... 60% on my bed, 40% in his basket. He is also a good guard dog. He jumps on the bed and says 'woooof' when he hears something suspicious.. Well as you can see he is adorable. I love him and I have never been so happy with a dog before.
Regards Claudia

  November 25, 2011

More news about the dogshow in Bleiswijk (5/6-11-2011 see below)

Quodian's Rembrandt(Szilasz) was also entered for this show for the very first time. He was Best Baby of the breed (short haired Vizsla). Thanks and congrats to the Palessen family!

  November 20, 2011

Eurodogshow Kortrijk Belgium, November 20, 2011

Despite the heavy fog I decided to travel to Kortrijk (Belgium) with Yarno ( Anubis od Csipeska). Only 3 wite haired Vizslas were entered for the show and the competitor was a Hungarian and an English lady. The strict judge gave the females a 'very good' but liked Yarno and gave him an 'excellent'. He automatically got the CAC/CACIB and is now Dutch and International champion.

  November 7, 2011

Dogshow Bleiswijk 5/6-11-2011
Quodian's Onya (Szira) and Quodian's Solo were entered for the dogshow in Bleiswijk. The strict judge from Norway gave good reports, but did not award any dog with an 'excellent' since he thought the dogs were too young. But both dogs got a 'very good' so we were very happy and are looking forward to the next shows.


Bram the Dachshund (Quodian's Cote d'Or) was entered for the show for the very first time and was placed second with a 'very good'.

  October 24, 2011

I received a lovely image from Monique, owner of Quodian's Rivella (Lola). As you can see, she is quite something already after only 5 months and is a real Vizsla!

  October 24, 2011

Newsflash !! Quodian's Betyar in the US!!

Quodian's Betyar is on tour. He is doing extremely well. The latest result was a Best in Show on October 22!! More news will follow soon.

  October 24, 2011

Bundessieger show October 14, 2011: Quodian's Glen Talloch got a Excellent 1st U CAC /CACIB/BOB Bundessieger 2011. At group judging Glen was chosen together with 5 other dogs (only 3 were placed). We are very proud!

   October 5, 2011

Akki ( Akita od Csipeska ) was on honeymoon in Hungary earlier this month. We chose the young but promising male Csovarberki Duhaj. Relatively young and already with an impressive list of field trial results. He is compact with a lovely coat and great character. Meanhwile we know that the mating was a succes and we are looking forward to the puppies who will be expected mid November 2011. More information could be found on the puppypage!

click for a larger version of the image and the gallery:



   October 4, 2011

A new Vizsla! Recently we took Mano home from Hungary. She is a daughter of Pallotasmenti Pici (Cini)who - unfortunately - did not get a litter with us. Because we wanted to breed with lines, because of the work abilities, it was a excellent opportunity when Kati offered us Mano. I hope to do some fieldtrials with her and I also hope that she will have some good puppies as well, hopefully with the same character and energy she shows here!

   October 2, 2011

This weekend it was great weather and I left for Zwolle with Yarno( Anubis od Csipeska ) and hoped to win the last CAC for the Dutch Champion title. Luckily the judge loved Yarno and he is now Dutch Champion. Needless to say that I am very proud!

   September 25, 2011

During the weekend that we went to Hungary to pick up Akki, Solo was entered in Maastricht at the show. And with a great result because he won CAC /CACIB and BOB. Congrats and thanks to Harry and Will

   September 20, 2011

Clubshow Vizsla September 11, 2011

The clubmatch was a great event this year and I am always looking forward to it. Today we had lovely weather and the judging was held outdoors. It was a fabulous day. Thanks to the owners of Vizslas bred by us for taking the time to come to Hoenderloo. Also thanks to the judges Mrs Adrichem and Mr Arxhoek. The main results of the day: (other results can be found on the website of the club)

click for a larger version of the image and the gallery:







   September 20, 2011

Quodian's Waldemar had two great results in Belgium with a third resp. fourth placing. He can now start training for the Sint Hubertus certificates.

   20 september 2011

Quodian's Rico and Quodian's Una (Silke) also got their KNJV C certificate. I am very proud, especially of Kayleigh who deserved this excellent result with Silke. I promised Kayleigh that I would eat my hat if and when she would ever got this certificate with Silke! Well... I did it!


   September 20, 2011

More good news from owners about fieldwork. Quodian's Hungarian Rhapsody got his C certificate and almost a B! I am very proud and happy for Conny and Jethro. What a pity that he came into trouble in the water because of some waterplants. Otherwise he would have had enough points for a B certificate. Now he had 39 points. Well, there is always a next time!

   September 20, 2011

Message from Sweden. Hi Lies, Xer has now done his huntingtest with the best score. This test is the one L�na also completed earlier. Now we will entered them to the fieldtrail and hopeful they will do well. A pic with Xer and Håkan in the waterretrivingpart. Xer got 10 on water and 10 on track in the forrest. Congratulations and we can't wait to hear about new results!


   September 20, 2011

Machteld Kroes from South France sent us this image. Bori and her daughter are doing fine!

bori and her daughter

   September 19, 2011

Coupe d'Europe for vizslas in Denemark

Each year the European championships for Vizsla's take place in a different country. This yea it was held in Denmark. It is a three day event and the best Vizsla's compete in the fieldtrials. This year I was able to join the Dutch team with Csupy because she got a qualification in open class during the previous season. I spent 6 wonderful days in a beautiful country, with lovely fields, nice people, a perfect organization, great team mates, fabulous dogs and fieldwork, good judges, a lot of fun and above all we had a great result, thanks to the optimistic team and especially thanks to Monique van Roosendaal and her dog Sharmarkasch Lance.

Lance, father of our recent short haired litter did a fabulous job, got an 'excellent' result for his trial and this result would lead to a second place overall for our team. He also wins the Vice champion title. I am so happy that I chose him as partner for our Silke!

For me this was definitely the event of the year. Thanks everyone!

click for a larger version of the image



   September 19, 2011

September 5: after a long but good trip I was finally able to pick up our new short haired Vizsla from the USA. I am very happy with this new happy and playfull puppy! More images can be found on her own page.

   September 19, 2011

Quodian's Nova found a new owner. Nova was 7 months old when he went to Spain for field training during 2 months. He did very well. Good working abilities, and very passionate.


After two months he came home and I was shocked: he grew a lot and was now way above the allowed height. Unfortunately I had to decide that he was too big for breeding and I am very happy that the Marechal family will continue his training.

   September 19, 2011

Quodian's Grandeur (Rico) almost misses his dummy because he is so enthousiastic!

   August 28, 2011

Quodian�s Solo wins BOB on the show in Rotterdam

   August 2, 2011

I visited Schladren on July 29 and 30. I visited my friend Ingeborg and her husband Manfred Caminneci (kennel von Haus Schladren). It was great and we as well as the dogs enjoyed it. I will come back soon again. Hopefully we have better weather!

Click for a larger image


   July 26, 2011

Coming soon from the USA

Vizscaya's Song Sung Blue (Dia)
d.o.b : May 7, 2011

S: Ch. Jazzan Chase Away the Blues

D: Ch. Vizcaya's Dancing Calla Lilly

Nancy Edmunds (Vizcaya kennels) wanted to import a puppy from us for a while now. In July 2011 this really happened and Quita (Bori x Larmas) left for the US. It seemed a good option for us to import a short haired Vizsla from the US to the Netherlands because the American Vizslas have a good character and good health. So, now we are awaiting Dia who will arrive mid August. Dia was born in a 'blue' litter and therefor the word 'blue' had to be in her name. Since Song Sung Blue is one of my favourite songs from Neil Diamond, I came up with this name quickly. We call her Dia, after the first three letters of Neil Diamond. We will keep you posted!

   July 21, 2011

Not only Bori, but also Lilly has her own pool in the South of France and enjoys swimming daily. Lilly lives and works with her owner Sharon.

   July 20, 2011

Bori en Lou-lou are retired now. Bori got two litters and Lou-lou had 1 litter and they are finally going to enjoy life in full now. Bori went to the South of France with her daughter and not only has all the attention she likes so much but also a pool. Lou-lou is the inseperable mate of Elsie, the wire haired Vizsla of the vd Burgh family and now lives in Culemborg. All the best girls and enjoy!

   July 11, 2011

Approx. July 25, 2011 we expect puppies from Ziva and Yarno. More information can be found on the puppypage!

   July 11, 2011

The puppies from Silke and Lance are all gone now. Only one is still here, he will leave us in a while as well. I am really looking forward to seeing the development of the puppies. I am sure that we will hear a lot about them. It was great fun to raise these shorthaired puppies. Below Quodian's Rembrandt (Szilaz) from owners Pallesen Aalsmeer.


   July 4, 2011

The 'Quodian's familie dag 2011' was a very special day for us. Everything went well and was great. We want to say thanks to everyone who joined us and also want to thank our friends for helping us out. We hope you will join us next year again. There are lots of images added to the gallery of the event. You can also visit the gallery of Hetty and René

   July 1, 2011

Some images of the 'Quodians familiedag 2011' are added to the events page.

   May 17, 2011

Mid June there will be a litter of wire haired Vizsla puppies in Switserland from our Okos and Ch.Lanus vd Bromen. Click for more information on this link

   May 17, 2011

News from the U.S.A: Quodian's Betyar (owned by Deb Wall) won B.O.B on a show. I am proud of Betyar and his owner Deb. Isn't he gorgeous??

   May 14, 2011

14.05.2011 - Dogshow Goes
   May 9, 2011

Just like previous years, the weekend of 7 and 8 May is my weekend to go to Germany to show dogs during the 2-day show in Dortmund. This year it was a special event, because the FCI celebrates her 100st anniversary. The second day the title Europasieger could be won. I took Enya and Susie Q this year and they both did well. During the first day Susie Q got a Exc 2 placement in juniorclass and gor the reserve junior CAC. Enya was placed Exc 1 with the CAC and CACIB and was Best Female with the title F.C.I Jahrhunderd Sieger and qualified for entering the World Champions of Champions show in November in Brussel. On the second day Susie Q and Enya both were placed second with the reserve CAC. Lonci, owned by my friend Ingeborg was best female.
Glen also did well on both days with an 'excellent' in working class and a CAC and reserve CACIB. Despite the heat it was a good weekend and I enjoyed it a lot.

   April 18, 2011

16.04.2011 - Brabo show Antwerpen
   March 19, 2011

News from Denmark: Quodian�s Eszta got a third prize on the first field trial of this year. Congrats!

   February 22, 2011

Proud of Glen! Glen is now an official stud dog in Germany. Last but not least he was also rewarded with the title DKK Winner 2010 (Best Wire Haired Vizsla 2010) by the Danish Kennelclub. click for a larger version of the image

   Februari 21, 2011

Another great message about the dogs:

I attach a few new images of 'our guys'. We have so much fun that it is hard to explain. They are really different although they are brothers. Gebber is very attached to us but sometimes a little scared, for example for slippery floors. Guus doesn't have this kind of problem. Gabber is always in the frontline whenever there are other dogs around, but Guus doesn't care at all. They are both really lovely abd never fight, not with eachother and not with other dogs. They prefer to walk away and prevent trouble. They are both very energetic and we always hear that people are surprised when they hear about their age (9,5 years old). They have a good condition and walk a lot. Guus is obsessed bt sticks. If he can't find anything, he just pulls out a young tree from the ground. They are together three times a week. Once a year in October we go to Ameland (for 12 years already). If not for ourselves, we do it for the guys. We have lots of fun to look at our guys enjoying themselves. Nowadays they are snoring after their walk on the beach. Sometimes they are a little stiff in the morning but hey... they are no youngsters anymore! They are really enjoying themselves and so do we. Regards, Jeroen/Chantal Agterberg - Enschede

click for a larger version of the image

   February 21, 2011

We got a message from Ronald about his dog Kai (short haired Vizsla and son from Silke)

Hello Lies
Taining with Kai goes well and is great fun. I think he has good working and learning abilities. I do hope his puberty will be over soon (how long will that take in your experience) because he can look at me with that look in his eyes as if he is saying 'do it yourself'. Regards Ronald, the rest & Kai.

click for a larger version of the image

   Februari 21, 2011

We also got good news from Sweden. Viggo's owners are very happy with his development and we hope that he will become a good working dog. Plenty of space and enough game in Sweden!
Dear Lies

Time is really flying. Viggo is growing and he will soon be as high as Baloo. A tiny bit tawnier perhaps but still... He is on and of like a puppy is but for most of the case very easy now to work and play with. He has his moments though. A little bit of a thief. We are used to laying things (food) in the open on the table or on the counter. He will go to extremes in order to get to this and will attempt as soon as we are not paying attemption. A strong word is enough to break him from his bubble and he realises what he is doing a will walk away reluctantly. He has been in contact with several different game when we are walking with him. As we are not keeping him at a leash most of the time he has the chance to explore by his own a little bit. He is quite close to you in the case Baloo is not with him, he feels more secure when he is around and will venture out more. We have had warmer weather for a while and much of the snow is gone. On the fields it is mostly gone but in the forest it is still a foot deep. On the open fields it is fun to watch him as he has a strong interest for birds that are hiding or feeding on the ground. small birds or big birds makes no difference. At this point he relies a lot on his nose, the sight is is not yet fully developed ( at least not on the distance) or he is not aware of the figures in the distance. As you can see on some of the pictures he is lively and at least in our eyes looks promising. Enjoy the pictures. We will let you know how he does in his first show on the 27th of february. Lots of love , Jonas Annette Baloo and Viggo


   February 21, 2011

New images are added to the gallery

   February 14, 2011

Levon also develops into a good hunting dog on Terschelling. Jan, thanks for the message!

Lies, I attach a recent image of the dog. He seems mature now and looks gorgeous. We are very happy with him and he has a lovely character. Thanks for your good breedingresults.As you can see he is quite 'wire haired'. He joined us on hunting trips a few times already. Only the larger hares give some problems, but he is doing fine otherwise. I am patient since he is only a very young dog right now.

   February 14, 2011

We got a message and images from Austria about Zoltan. He is obviously doing great. He developed into a great worker and be honest: he is also quite handsome isn't he? Thanks for your message Rolf!

Er ist mittlerweile ein super Jagdhund geworden der seinen Instinkt und die jagdliche Passion sehr oft bewiesen hat. Er ist super zum Nachsuchen und bringt auch das hochwerdende Wild gezielt zu Ende.

click for a larger image

   February 14, 2011

Silke & Kayleigh are doing hunting training together. Kayleigh has to show Silke how it should be done!

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