December 26, 2010

Unfortunately we did not succeed in breeding one last litter with Cini (Palotásmenti Pici). She will be 7 years old in January and that is a little bit too old for a litter. It is great that she found a new home at the van Dijk family and I sincerely hope that she will live long and happily there.

<    December 20, 2010

Yearly walking event on Hoek van Holland (Sunday January 16, 2011) start 14.00 hr at the Beach club Royal.

We chose again for the beach of Hoek van Holland for our yearly walking event. A perfect location for our Vizsla's to have a lot of fun: they can run, dig holes, swim and play on the large beach. The owners can talk to eachother and wish eachother a happy New Year. We will gather as from 13.30 at the Beach Club Royal and start our walk at 14 hr. The walk will last for approx 2 hours. In case of an emergency or questions I can be reached via 0650477503.

Hope to see you all in Hoek van Holland! Location
Beachclub Royal
Zeekant 37
3151 HW Hoek van Holland

   November 2010

Winner Show Amsterdam 2010
No less than 14 wire-haired Vizslas were entered for the Winner Show (November 28, 2010) from 6 different countries. They were judged by Paul Stanton from Sweden. His judgements were very strict and there were only two male dogs who got 'excellent'. The males Q Solo and Hungarian Rhapsody got 'very good' and were places 2nd and 3rd respectively. Q Glen Talloch got 'excellent' and was awarded with a reserve CAC and CACIB and was second best dog. Unfortunately veteran Q Igazhu got a 'very good' in the veteran class. Our Susie Q became Junior Winster 2010 and Enya got a 1st excellent with a great report. A good end for this show season. It was a great day and I am looking forward to next year's shows: this was the last show of the season.

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   November 24, 2010

Trip to Slowakia.

To enhance the 'gene pool' of the wire haired Vizsla I was looking for one last male dog. We found a good one in Slowakia. My good friend Ingeborg (kennel von H. Schladren) was kind enough to go with me and we had planned a trip and hoped to be able to bring the dog back home with us. The trip went fast and without any problems and we arrived in Slowakia on Friday at 9 AM. Ofcourse we had seen pictures of Rigo beforehand but I was pleasantly surprised as to see such a happy, friendly and healthy dog.

It did not take long before Rigo was sleeping comfortably in our car and soon we were on our way back to Austria were we slept nicely in a hotel (together with Csupy who we also took with us). On our way back we visited Nurnberg to see Onya (daughter from Waldmar and Lonci). Onya's owner has a falconry and has 3 birds at this moment.

After a good and lovely meal we continued our way back home and just before 12 o'clock we were home again. Very tired but also very happy with Rigo. It was worth every minute and effort.
For more images, click on the page of Mezöföldi Kajtató (Rigo)

   October 24, 2010

Today I went to the show with Yarno and Mara. Yarno did great for his first show, got a 1st excellent, CAC and CACIB and BOB. On top of that he also was 6th in group! Mara did not so well, she got her first VG today. V

There is also news about veteran Quodian's Igazu. He is now Dutch champion. Congrats to the owner Huib van Kemenade

   October 22, 2010

We got a message from Christiane Timmers and Q Gaius:Hello Lies,
We finished a couple of courses with a certificate. Meanwhile we also started a hunting course. Great fun! We enjoy every minute of our lady!

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   October 22, 2010

Quodian's Lana from Sweden went to her first show and with a great result! She got BIR (best of breed), BIG (best in group) and BIS 3(best in show 3rd). Very promising for the future. But all she needs now is a little smile on her face after winning!

   October 23, 2010

Hunting season started again. Xer and his friend Whisper were in Finland and not without success!! A good start of this season.

   October 18, 2010

I had a busy but great weekend in Germany. Ingeborg and I entered 6 dogs and we are very happy with the results.

Q Baranka (Mara) won the title Bundessieger 2010, and became Best of Breed on Saturday and is now German Champion. Q Glen Talloch won the title Bundesjugend Sieger and is now also German Junior Champion.

Results can be found below

Bundessiegerzuchtschau und Nat. Ausstellung in Dortmund am 16+17 10.2010

Click for images on this link

   9 oktober 2010

Today I went to a field trial in Fijnaart with Csupy. For the first time in open class. I was a great and sunny day, not too cold and with a moderate wind. Csupy did her best to find game and she pointed a pheasant hen after a non optimal run. Because of my own tension it was not the best effort, but still good enough for a third placement in her class with a G(ood) qualification. There were 12 dogs competing in total. The first prize was for Fledder van het Reigerskantje (GLP), second became Fasco van het Eppenzolder and Csupy got third. Because she was the only Vizsla with a result, she was also best Vizsla of the day. I was very proud!!

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   October 5, 2010

Daniel, Csupy and Yarno had fun on the beach at Hoek van Holland

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   October 4, 2010

Our Baró ( Bator Réti Frédi ) left for the UK with my friend Caroline (Starshot kennels).

   September 15, 2010

Championshipshow in Hoenderloo (NL) on September 12, 2010

Unfortunately the weather was not too good and we had to go inside for the show. But it was a great day and there were no less than 67 Vizslas present. On the website of the Vizsla club all results can be found. With proud the results of the wite-haired Vizslas are given below.

On the image our son Daniël with Okos who was kind enough to help out the whole day.

Vizsla wire haired
   September 13, 2010

Sientje - our wire-haired dachshund - has puppies! They were born during the night of September 11, 2010. There are 3 males and 1 female. Click on her own page for more information and images.

   September 11, 2010

It was an exciting weekend. We were awaiting the puppies from Sientje and were also awaiting the results of the H.Z.P (herbst zucht pr˙fung) in Germany from our guys Yarno and Glenn. Yarno did fine with the effort of his trainer and got 184 points, Glen got 180 points and did excellent as well. We are very happy and proud! This weekend the yearly clubmatch was held as well. The weather was not too good but we had a great day. Results and images will follow soon.

   August 14, 2010

Due to a problem with my computer I lost all my e-mails, so also enquiries for puppies and other question. If and when you did not get a reply, please be so kind as to send the mail again!

   August 4, 2010

Many of our puppies are in training or meanwhile certified rescue dogs. Janka (Q Ouarda) proves that this can lead to great results. Together with her trainer/owner Walburga she was able to rescue a 73 year old man.

click for larger image

   July 21, 2010

Waldemar got his second certificate (comparable with the Dutch KNJV B) in Belgium. He got 2nd placement (52 contestants!)


   July 12, 2010


Finally football matches are over!! At last! Made me yawn.

   June 27, 2010

Worlddog show Denmarken

We left for Arhus in Denmark at 7 AM on Friday. It was hot and sunny here in the Netherlands but when we approached Germany it became cloudier and cooler. After a nice evening with our friends Steffen and Inger we left early to the show in Herning. It was great to meet old friends and their dogs again. It was only 12 degrees, quite windy and pretty cold and we had to buy some extra clothing to get warm again. But the show could begin!!

There were 21 wire-haired Vizslas entered from various countries (France, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Hungary and the Netherlands). Some of these dogs won championships already so there was enough competition for our Glen!
To make a long story short: it was a very succesful day for Quodian's Vizsla's! Quodian's Eszta was Junior World Champion and Quodian's Glen Talloch was also crowned Junior World Champion. The best thing was the fact that he was also chosen as BOB (Best of Breed). Glen was Best Vizsla of the day and that is super for a dog. We are grateful that we were able to handle him in the showring for the owner Ingeborg Caminneci. Congrats to the other winners with their results!!


click for a larger image

   June 25, 2010

Just before leaving to Denmark (World dogshow) I received this message from Marcel and his great dog "Zus". I am very very proud and to be honest, these things are worth more than a world championship! Thanks Marcel! And a hug for Zus!!

Dear Lies
Finally it was our day of the exam. We passed for the S&R certificate B!!! We searched 8 ha of woodland and it appeared that 4 victims were hidden there. Zus found them without any problems thanks to her fantastic nose and made clear to me where to located them. We needed 1 hour and 10 minutes for the job. We are now officially certified and can be called in to search missing persons. I think that Zus (Quodians-Wanick) is the first wire haired vizsla who is capable of doing these tasks. I am very proud. This image was taken right after the exam. We keep training and try to improve our skills. We are now starting to train for another certificate.
Regards from Hengelo.
Marcel Schwarts

   June 16, 2010

Jachthondenshow Bennekom May 2010

Traditionally the 'Jachthondenshow' will take place in Bennekom at the beautifl castle of Heukelom. It is an outdoor show and if and when the weather is good, it is always great fun to be there. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad and when we finally had to show the dogs it was pouring. The results were good however so it was a great day after all.

Short haired : Quodian's Una VG4


   May 26, 2010

Pinkstershow Arnhem

   May 9, 2010

I had a wonderful weekend in Germany at the show on May 7 and 8 in Dortmund. I lfet with three dogs at 5 A.M. and "just for fun" I also took Sientje with me. She was a brave girl and did well in the ring. She got a 4th place at both the first and second day, albeit with an 'excellent' on the first day and a 'very good' on the second day. I was very proud of her.

Results Vizsla's May 7 - Europasieger show Results Vizsla's May 8 - CAC show

Daniavizsla Barack (Quodian's Wanda x Quodian's Aristos)
Jugend EuropaSieger 2010

   May 6, 2010

Our puppies in Germany are doing very well. Quodian's Sambucca and Quodian's Gündi also got their VJP certificate. We are very happy and proud! Four puppies got this certificate this year already!

   April 22, 2010

We are proud of Quodian's Glen Talloch and Quodian's Remy Martin. They got their VJP in Germany. Congrats to their owners!

   April 18, 2010

Dogshow Goes April 18, 2010: Quodian's Una ( Silke ) got 'excellent'. She was showed by her junior handler Kayleigh van Zijl. Our Mara got excellent with a reserve CAC and CACIB.

   April 13, 2010

Today the puppies of Dushi are 1 year old. Congrats to all of you and I hope each of you got cookies and bones as a treat. Thanks all for your images and photos!! On the image, Julius and Floris from Belgium.

   April 12, 2010

I had a visit by my friends from Denmark ( Daniavizsla's Kennel ) and the UK (Starshot kennel )! It was a nice weekend and we talked a lot about dogs obviously.

Mona Lisa was here to have Quodian's Wanda mated by Fürdohazi Larmas. If and when everything goes well, ther will be a wire haired litter in June in Denmark. If you are interested, take a look on thewebsite of Mona Lisa Jegh (veterinarian).

   April 12, 2010


I am very proud of Kayleigh van Zijl. In just two months she was abel to train our skippybal Silke for the (unofficial) C-exam. Kayleigh is 14 years old and had little to no experience with dogs. I have seen these two work together and it is such joy to see them: I guess we will hear more of them in the future. She also started ring training and the first show will be in Goes, so I will keep my fingers crossed for a good result. I am also proud of Rico, Silke's son and his owner Raoul. He also got a C certificate: a puppy with talent!


   April 12, 2010

There is a great new book about Vizslas in the German language. Lots of images and well written. Ofcourse there is ample information about Wirehairded Vizslas as well! Recommended. Ordering direct via

   March 19, 2010

It is almost silent in the house, now that all the puppies have gone to their new owners. Our last puppy flew to Switserland with her new owner right when I wrote this. With 'almost' I mean that there is still one puppy in the house here..... I simply had to keep one of Bori's puppies. She is so special and so beautiful, I could not let her go. We called her Susi Q and it will be a busy time for us, getting her house broken and trained.

click for a larger image

   March 12, 2010

Éclair's puppies are gone to their new homes, except for one who stays for another week. They are doing fine and I get a lot of images and messages about them. Thanks for that! We got these lovely images from the owners of Quodian's Lady Jane> You might have guessed it already: Lady Jane (Liv) has her own photographer so I predict that we will get more lovely images in the future!

click for larger image

  March 6, 2010

We got a message from Hungary:
We are proud that Quodian's Winrick won the International Champion title. Congrats to the owners Kati from Hungary!

  March 1, 2010

Site down !!!

dear all. As you might have noticed the website was down during the last weekend. Thanks to all of you who send me a message about it. The huge amount of visitors geberating more than 10Gb data traffic caused all this. Meanwhile everything is working as it should and is the website fully operational and can handle all of you at the same time.

  February 22, 2010

Just two weeks the Dachshunds were here at our house but I really start to love these two. Especially Sientje, who stole my heart from day one onwards. In two weeks I saw her change from a shy and uncertain female into a happy Dachshund. There was only one possibility when Anita told me that she wanted her two girls back: Sientje had to stay here. After some persuasion and quite some money that need to be paid, Sientje (Sifra vd Kwispellust) is now officially mine.

  February 15, 2010

A message from Denmark about Quodian's Giorgio Boss, brother of our famous girl in Dubai. i bet we will hear a lot more from this little fella. Lars, thanks for your message!

Hello Lies,
Boss has participated in his first international exhibition, and with great success. He was very easy to handle, and behaved very good in front of the judge and other dogs. He enjoyed every second of the day. The judge's comment: a happy well built puppy with proper propotions and leglength, mild expressive head, compact paws and a deep color. Elastic movements. Very promising and best puppy in breed.
We went on to Best in Show, but was not among the 4 best - unfortunately.

We were contacted by a great many different people who wanted to hear where we had bought one so beautiful and well built dog. Complete strangers came and asked if they could take a picture of him so you can imagine that we where proud. We did obviously make some good advertising for your Kendel. Boss started hunting training last weekend and there he also get praised.

  Februari 11, 2010

There is a new issue of Seasons out and there is an article abour our Vizslas in it.

Below some images that were made for the article. Photographs by Etta vd Aa, for Seasons magazine

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  Februari 8, 2010

First show for Quodian's Eszta in Denemark.

The show was organized by Klub 5, a club for hunting dogs. There were 4 wire haired vizslas and Eszta was BOB and second Best in Show! What a promising start for a 10 month old female!

10 months bithch which has already gone far in its developement. Harmonic, lovely feminine head, with nice expression and correct bite. Beautifull neck and back line, well angulated, wery fine body for it's age, already secure and floating movements, fine coat and nice temper.

Congrats Mona Lisa !

  February 6, 2010

Today Anita came over. She owned Yindra and was here to meet the new owners. I can only say that it was love at first sight. Yindra lives nearby with Lia and Jean Pierre in Halsteren together with their Labrador female Ollie. I am very happy that Yindra can live with this great family and I hope they will have a lot of fun together.

Anita also has a Dachshund kennel and needed a temporary home for a few of them. We decided to help her and since yesterday Esté and Sientje live here. It is great fun to see them together with the Vizslas.

  January 21, 2010

Some nice images of the dogs enjoying the snow.

click for larger image

  January 12, 2010

At last our Quodian's Galaxy (Gala) from our short haired Vizsla litter arrived with her new boss the Crown Prince of Dubai, officially named His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. We are very honoured that a pup from our kennel has been chosen to live in Dubai and we will do our best to keep updated about her life in Dubai. We thank Johan Winters and Dagmar Kunze for their help. We sincerely hope that Gala and her boss will enjoy many pleasant hours during their falconry.
Here is a link to the facebook page if you like to read more.

Dear Mrs van Essen,

I had Gala with me for a couple of days before handing her over HH Shk Hamdan bin Mohammed. He was pleasantly surprised. He loves dogs, just like his dad HH Shk Mohammed bin Rashed and his brothers. Until now i did not have a chance to visit Gala in her new home but I can assure you that she will be well looked after. Her kennel, that was shipped from Australia to Dubai offers an optimal surrounding for her. I will definitely send you some more images in the near future. Here are some images. Below father and son, the other two during the handing over of Gala (she was a little nervous due to all the stress surrounding her) to Crown Prince Hamdan.

Thanks and best regards, Johan Winters

  January 1, 2010

Sad news. We had a sad ending of 2009 because our dear Makk has gone to sleep and did not wake up. Dear Makk, we hope that you have enjoyed the last two and a half year with us. We will miss your lovely grey head. Rest in peace, we will miss you.

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