December 20, 2009

Our first winter in Oudenbosch and a real one with snow! I am looking forward to the summer.

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  December 20, 2009

Int Ch. Quodian's Winrick lives and works in Hungary. We received these images after a succesful day!

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  December 16, 2009

From a proud owner in the USA

Hi Lies,
Just wanted to let you know that my beautiful Miss Leah has now gained her Grand Champion title! She did it with flair,having fun in the ring with a tail wagging performance each time. She had tough competition for all her wins, some of her CH kids and CH.grandkids being her competition. But despite her age, her beauty remains and she came out with top honors against younger competition.
I had the most fun in the ring I've had in years, all due to her enjoyment of showing. She never ceases to amaze me.

PS. She has 4 kids and 2 grandkids in the UKCs Top Ten Breed List for 2009!! And she still remains the top producing dam of her breed in the USA!.

  December 7, 2009

I want to introduce two new females: Quodian's Enya (blue collar) and Daniavizslas Britta (brown collar). These two are still in training and develop rapidly. From time to time I will post new images and news about these two naughty ones.

Quodian's Enya
born: April 27, 2009
S: Ch. Quodian's Szép és Édes

D: Bator Reti Fredi

Daniavizslas Britta ( imp denemarken)
born: June 15, 2009
S: Quodian's Wanda
D: Quodian's Aristos

  November 19, 2009

Dear all, Thanks so much for all the cards, presents and wishes I received after our move. Meanwhile we are beginning to feel at home in Oudenbosch and we are enjoying everything.

Luckily not everyone knew that I had my 50st birthday on November 15, but it was very nice that there were quite a few people at our house on that day. Thanks so much for all the cards and visits!

As a reminder

Walk on the beach in Hoek van Holland in Januray 2010. The exact date will be announced later.

  October 16, 2009

Fieldtrial News

I am very happy with all the news and results of the field trials from Denmark and Finland. It is good to hear that our Vizslas are doing well on the fieldtrials. ofcourse a healthy petdog is very important but since Vizslas are working dogs, these results are very important. Thanks to the owners: I know from experience that these things cost a lot of time, money and energy!

Hi all,

Wagga was so close getting her 1st at field trial today - but I made a mistake by not trusting her and reporting her point - but rather ask her (yes the dog) if she had a bird. Usually she is totally stiff if there is a bird and if not she will wag her tail a little and start searching again. Only today she made one little move with her front leg and the bird flew. Maybe the bird flew because of my voice - but anyway:

Wagga got a 2nd. which is absolutely not too bad. This was in "gebrauch" class which means that on top of all the usual, birds need to be shot and retrieved for a placement. Today no birds came up right to be shot and then you have to do second best and throw a dead bird while a shot is fired. The dog neads to be steady (totally calm) when the shot is fired and retrieve the bird and deliver it to the hand - sitting. Wagga did this perfectly.

So this fall brought us a 3rd and a 2nd - prized at 2 out of 3 field trials this fall. Which is actually quite good.

Twelve times I took Wagga to field trials. She got 6 zeros, 4 thirds, one 2nd and one 1st (youth class). This means that she has a percentage of success of more than 50. Which is actually also quite good.

Hi Lies

Here are Pates trials results from this autum so far

Trials: Field or forest trial is pretty much the same as in Europa cup. Dog must find the game, point it and flush it on command and stay calm when shooting. Also retriaval is needed.
Pate is competing in open class: He is searching beautyfully and judges have liked his search very much. We are still having trouble with going after the birds, but he is getting better.

And I also got a good result with Mara during the field trials organized by the Vizsla club on October 10. She did well so this is promosing and an incentive to go on.

  October 16, 2009

New from Norway:

Hi Lies,
This weekend we were in Norway. We trained for the autumn hunt. Here are some pics when Xer point and one when just show him self in his huntingclothes.
LOVE Marie and Xer

  October 15, 2009

Proud !

We are proud and grateful that Quodian's Pandur is now not only World Champion but also International Champio. Pandur (Pate) lives with Hanna in Finland. Quodian's Winrick is also International Champion. Winrick (Ricky) lives with Kati in Hungary. Thanks owners!!

  October 15, 2009

Another message from Hengelo. We are thrilled to read about the progression of Zus during her training to become a search & rescue dog. Thanks Marcel for the update.

Hello Lies

Great to hear about your move to another city. A big step with all the dogs! Everything goes well here. I send you some images of Zus during her training in Belgium. We just enrolled a three day course. We are heading towards a real start of her being used as S&R dog, probably in the beginning of 2010. She is and will always be a hunting dog, and therefore we have to work extra hard in comparison to the shepard dogs. She is doing well however and as soon as she is ready I will send an update.

regards from Hengelo.
Reddingshonden Werkgroep Overijssel- Marcel Schwarts - Chairman

  September 30, 2009

On August 22, Quodians Waldemar got his hunting certificate. We are very proud!

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  September 30, 2009

This is an image from the trip to Denmark, where I went to pick up Britta. There were quite a lot of countried represented: Mona Lisa the breeder from Denmark, Kevin en Monique - originally from the USA but now working and living near Berlin and ofcourse my good friend Ingeborg from Germany and yours truly from the Netherlands. On the image dogs from Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Germany and Slowakia.

  September 30, 2009

A message from Wrangelsburg about Bush who is being called Georgy nowadays. He is doing great and is learning rapidly.

  September 28, 2009

Field Trial in Steenbergen 23-09-2009

I competed with Mara ( Baranka) but not with a good result. But thanks to the helpful judge and the other competitors, it was a great day and I learnt a lot. I am looking forward to the next field trial!

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  September 28, 2009

Championship Clubmatch 13-9-2009

With sunny weather and only a little bit of rain our yearly Championship show took place in Hoenderloo. It was a hectic but very nice day with great results! Our Quodian's Okos became best Dog and Clubwinner 2009. Fürdohazi Lönci was best Bitch (owner Ingeborg Caminneci)

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  September 21, 2009

We are moving to another house as per 1.11.2009 !! More information here

  September 12, 2009

New images are added to the gallery!

  September 12, 2009

Daniavizsla's Bush also found a new home. He is going to Wrangelsburg in Germany. Nicole en Reimo already own a few wire-haired Vizslas and know about shows and fieldwork. I hope to hear more from this lovely little fellow. Sweety all the best!

  August 29, 2009

Mona Lisa and Anders from Denmark were here to meet the new owners of Betty Blue. She found a great home with Joop and Marjan vd Weijden. Bill found a new home in Germany and Busch stayed with us.

Busch is a lovely Vizsla male with a perfect character and looks and we think that this male has lots of potential for working.

We are looking for a home with people who are willing to show him and are experienced with fieldwork.
If and when you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us

Pedigree (click for larger image)

  August 23, 2009

3 super Danish wire-haired puppies are looking for a new home:
M: Quodian's Wanda
F: Quodian's Aristos

More information

16th august: We have 3 puppies left now. One female Betty Blue (blue ribbon), and two males Bill (green ribbon) and Bush (pink ribbon). Betty is a naughty fresh medium sized bitch who is not afraid to put up a fight with her brothers or Ester. She is awake and alert and eager to investigate. She is darker than Wagga and she has a good wiry coat.

Bill is a real teddy bear - big and cuddly. He is also very calm and semingly wisely observative - surely not left behind. He is like butter in my hands and follows me just the way he should. He will be easy to handle and train. Bill has a light coat, nicely wiry. He will require trimming 2- times a year.
Bush is a beauty and quite alert. He has a strong caracter and knows what he wants. He needs an owner and trainer used to work with dogs and he will be a fine hunting dog. Bush is light as Wagga and his brother Bill. His coat is nicely wiry and will need trimming 2- times a year.

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  August 5, 2009

August 1: Int. Show in Bremen - Germany:
Our Mara ( Q Baranka) has been showed in Bremen by our friend Dagmar Kunze. It was a huge success: 1 Exc CAC / CACIB /BOB and also 3rd Best in Group. Thaks Dagmar!!

  July 20, 2009

We got a message from Sweden about Xer

Hi Lies,
We have been to the shows now. The last one was a special for gundogs. The judge was Marianne Gyárfás from Hungary. Sit your self down now and enjoy the critic:
Very good type and size. Excellent type of coat and color of coat. Nice head. Good color of eyes. Very good topline. Correct parallell front. Good chest, could be a bit wider. Very good angulated. Very good movement. Really excellent type of wirehaired.
What about that critic!!!!!

  July 20, 2009

New images are added to the gallery!

  July 6, 2009

We expect a short haired Vizsla litter around July 21, 2009. Look at the a the puppypage for more information about this litter.

  July 1, 2009

Dear John & Lies

With proud we let you know that our super-Dara passed her B-exam. It is a great dog with a lovely and steady character and ofcourse super smart! A real 'pearl'. Regards Jelle Hinke and a hig from Dara!

  June 28, 2009

We are really proud of Leah from the United States:

Leah wanted you to know that she gained her Championship in one weekend of shows (4 shows). !!!!

She is one month shy of being 7 yrs old, and a few months past having her last litter, and I decided for her kids and grandkids, I would give it a whirl. She's never been to a show before, but performed beautifully simply cause I asked her to...that is just the sort of dog that she is.
I never cared that she was not a champion, as I already know she is the best Wirehaired Vizsla bitch in the USA. She now has 8 champion kids,( and a couple champion grandkids now too) with more waiting in the wings.... and I just wanted to do this for the kids who will be contributing to the future of this breed in the US

I've attached a couple pics of her taken today..hoping to get a show pic sent to me very soon. If it turned out well, I will send it along to you.

We are so very proud of her...she is my "heart" dog...and I doubt there will be another who can take her place in my life.


  June 24, 2009

Csupy's puppies are 1 year old. Congrats to all of you and I hope that all the bones, treats and sweets were good! I hope to see some of you on our 'family day' mid September/October. I got a nice message about Donna.

Hello Lies and John,

Congratulations with the two puppies Enya and Betsie. They look lovely. Our girl is 1 ywar old and now no longer a puppy. Next Saturday we will have to sit the EG exam and if and when everything goes as planned, it would not be a problem to get the desired results. Hunting training also goes better and better. She finally enjoys retrieving the dummy. She is a lovely dog with great character and we did not regret our choice one single moment. I can't imagine our life without her! Regards Petra, Bart and Thijmen.

  June 22, 2009

I promised earlier that I would keep you posted on my choice which puppy I was going to keep. I have chosen Enya to stay with us: a lovely naughty female puppywith a good character. I am so happy that we had a cancellation and that I decided to keep the last pup of the litter!

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  June 15, 2009

Quodian's Wanda got a litter of 6 puppies in Denmark. Sire is Quodian's Aristos. Click on the website for more information

  June 14, 2009

We got great picture of our 'puppy & kids day'. It was a super day! Click on the link for the images.

  June 9, 2009

Do you remember Matja? Below a message from Switserland. It goes fine and she is now called Fatja.

Dear Vizsla friends
At last the promised images from Fatja in the mountains in Switserland. Poor little mouse is no longer a small mouse, but a lovely gorgeous dog and - thanks to the vet - a good coat as well. She has a lovely character and she adores children and is very friendly to my own grandchildren. She is not that good with men yet, but that will improve eventually.
Thanks and regards to all that have helped.
Maya Ita & Family & Matja ( Fatja) - June, 2009

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  May 28, 2009

We added a brand new looking gallery to the website. No less than 129 images can be found under the gallery button!

  May 13, 2009

On May 13, 2009 Dina ( daughter from Ricky) got 9 lovely puppies. Sire is our Bátor Reti Fredi. This litter complies with the rules of the Danish Vizsla Club. There are still some puppies available. Click here for information or send an e-mail

  May 8, 2009

We are proud!!

We are proud of the puppy that was bred by ouir friend Caroline Busby of Starshot kennels. He got Best Vizsla pup of the year 2008 in England. Scrotie is son to Quodian's Kivanci and Cikolai Pandur, grandson of Quodian's Byzar. Congrats to the breeder and owner!

  May 6, 2009

We got a message from Greece:

Hello Lies,
Our Tuunde (Quodian's Xenia) will be 2 years old soon. I already wrote earlier how happy we are with her and that remains unchanged. She is in season now for the second time. Tuunde is very respectful to our Zsazsa of 12 years old. She has Cushing's disease for 2 years now but does well on Vectoryl. Maybe you are able to see Tuunde once for yourself here!
Ton en Marian.

  Februari 22, 2009

Good news from Germany. Not only is he beautiful, Quodian's Aristos is also very healthy and passed all the examinations with flying colors. He is HD a and free from genetic eye disorders. Monique and Kevind, good luck on the VJP test in April!


  Februari 6, 2009

Our W litter is 2 years now and we sometimes get stories about the dogs. It is great fun to read about the dogs and how they are doing. The message below was sent by Marcel Schwarts.

Hi All,
Here are some pictures of Quodians Wanick (Zus) taken on her 2nd birthday the 23 January 2009. She doing well and is a great dog. She is (we are) being trained to a rescue-dog(team) and she is great, she is having her first certificate now for just 3 months. Now we're training towards her second. Maybe next year we have this one.

I hope all dogs are going well. I read sometime the story's on Lies's website. When I catch the time a write an article for Lies (I have promised that to her). Send me some pictures of your dog and we keep in touch. Regards to you and your fourlegs friend,
Marcel Schwarts
Hengelo Holland

  February 5, 2009

Several images of the event on January 25 are now added to the website

  January 25, 2009

The beach event on January 24 was a success. There were many dogs and the weather was good. It was great to see familiar faces and the dogs enjoyed the day as well. Because I took too many dogs to the beach, there was no time to make a lot of images. If anyone has some good shots, don't hesitate to send these over to me. Click for larger image and gallery

  January 15, 2009

Some nice images from this winter time. Please click for gallery and larger images

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