December 28, 2007

New from Germany about our Kitty (Fürdohazi Gabci)
As you can read, everything goes well with Kitty and I am so happy that she found such a lovely home, where she can even make use of her hunting qualities. Thanks Elisabeth! Z

Dear Lies,
we wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a joyful 2008. Kitty is well as you can see on the two photos. Thomas took these pictures when we arrive from the "Brauchbarkeitsprüfung". In Germany hunting dogs need this basic test to be inclosed in the insurance I have with my hunting licence. The test has several parts, but I dont know the english terms, sorry. Kitty was the oldest dog and for me it was the first time with such a test. But all went well because we were two time a week on a training course which was from may to the end of August. I'm very proud on Kitty. After the test we were on some huntings this autumn and she was very good. When I have a bit mor time as I have at the moment :-) I'll send you some more pictures from Kitty at our home, she has some funny habits.
Best Regards Elisabeth !

  November 28, 2007

Winner dog show Amsterdam 2007

It was a weekend to remember. It actually started the wrong way: our Éclair (Xtravaganza) - entered in the puppyclass - hurted her leg and could not come. Also Nina (Csövarberki Nimpha) - entered in the working class - was not present. Her carer could join in a hunt and with a real hunting dog, this is much more important than a dog show!Despite al this, at the end of the day we had three titels!
  • Quodian's Vicka Juniorwinster '07
  • Quodian's Waldemar Juniorwinner '07
  • Quodian's Unicum Ogusz ( short haired ) Juniorwinner '07
One of the other dogs that lives together with Ogusz (Tibor) was BOB. Congratulations to the owners and thanks so much that you we willng to coe and show your great dogs!

winner 2007

Still... we also had a success of our own. Thurid our daughter's dog was Best Puppy with a great jury report!

  November 29, 2007

A number of new images are added to the males section as well as the females section. Via the gallery click function it is possible to go to the next image by moving the mouse over the image. A nice addition to the website!

  November 17, 2007

We received s message from one of the owners in the USA: Quodian's Quasar won Best of Winners on Saturday afternoon and finished his UKC title, so now he is Ch. Quodian's Quasar NA, GCG, TDInc. He also earned 2 more Top Ten points for breed competition wins over 2 other dogs. Deb Wall Konza Vadasz Kennel USA .

  Nnovember 4, 2007

Quodians Oda becomes Dutch Champion in the show in Bleiswijk on November 4 under judge W Arxhoek. Congratulations to her owner/handler Hetty Peeters. She trained with Oda week in week out and this finally paid off!

a proud and happy Hetty with Oda

  October 31, 2007

Büske and her owner Mieke Huisman proved that you can work differently with attaining an official FHN certificate. Congratulations!

  October 17, 2007

Today October 14 the planned session with top photograph went ahead. Weather was fine and all the dogs had their image taken. If you want to know more about the photographer please visit his site at

  October 15, 2007

News from Sweden : Quodian's Xerxes

Lovely male puppy of excellent type. Very beautiful head and expression. Good angulation. Good chest. Excellent paws and legs. Excellent temperament. Fantastics movements for his age. Very promissing.

  September 24, 2007

Gulyas ( Fürdohazi Athos) found a new home! We are extremely happy that the Bezema Family adopted our Gulyas

  September 15, 2007

Q. Wanda (Wagga) gets her Junior Fetching test in Denmark with a total of 27 points out of the maximum of 30 points. She is only 8 months old yet! Congrats to her owner Mona Lisa Jegh

  September 16, 2007

Cinka's son (Óguz) did his best this season, together with his owner Wim Dorgeloo. He received this great certificate!!

  September 16, 2007

KCM Vizsla 2007: Oda and Okos become Best Couple

KCM Vizsla 2007: Arasz BOB -Clubwinner + CAC , his daughter Catou BOS + CAC

  September 9, 2007

Arasz was best Dog on the Clubmatch of the Belgian Vizsla Club

  September 5, 2007

Quodian's Wanda (Wagga) in Denmark on August 25, 2007

  September 5, 2007

Quodian's Xerxes (Xer's) first show in Sweden was a success! He became second Best Puppy in Show. Congratulations to his owner Marie Freden

  September 5, 2007

Quodian's Winrick (Ricky) got his Alapviszga in Hongary on August 18. Hot gained 99 points. Thanks to his owner Kati (Csövarberki Kennel). Ricky also was 2e Best Puppy in Show on September 1.

  September 4, 2007

We received this image from the Roeberding family. Bajusz is obviously enjoying her vacation!

  September 1, 2007

Unfortunately we had to relocate Kari. He now lives together with Quodians Oarda at the Boekels family in Germany .


Also for Cinka Csinos z Vodného Mlyna we found a new home

  August 25, 2007

On the show in Rotterdam (held on Augustus 25), Cégled Sherif Anci became Dutch Champion. Judge was Tamas Jakkel from Hungary


  August 8, 2007

There is quite a number of new images added to the gallery! Take a look here

  July 2, 2007

We got this image from Xer and his brother Whisper. They both live in Sweden.

  July 2, 2007

Quodian's Xerxes (Xer) in Sweden (july 2007)

  June 20, 2007

Quodian's Pandur was 3e B.I.S on the show voor oriental pointers in Finland (265 dogs were entered). A good result!


  June 17, 2007

show Almere 17-06-2007 : Quodian’s Unicum Óguz got 1 Exc and a Junior CAC. Congratulations for the owner W Dorgelo

  June 2007

Pinkstershow Arnhem : Quodian's Oda CAC & BOS under judge Mr Kane UK .

  May 25, 2007

We got a message from Youp about his success:

"After Youp finished the puppycourse, we started 'gehoorzame huishond I'. After 12 intensive training and an exam, Youp got a first! He got 69,5 points from the maximum of 80.
Regards from the owners Tang and a paw from Q Utas Youp "

  May 23, 2007

We congratulate the owners and breeder of Lucia and Lobas von Haus Schladren. They got the VJP with 73 resp. 68 points. Proud parents:Quodian's Ildi and Quodian's Okos .

Lobas v Haus Schladren

  May 15, 2007

We got a mail from Hanny and Monique: "Csinka celebrated her 15 birthday today! She is still doing quite well, although she is getting older now. We can see that when she walks. Despite her age she is still going out for an hour three times a week. She does pretty well considering her age and we do hope she will be with us for quite some time. ..."

  March 19, 2007

Humlekrogens Casander, son from our Arasz is very succesfull on shows in Denmark. Congratulations to his proud owner and breeder

  March 18, 2007

We still have one puppy here, the others have arrived at their new home. Winrick went to Hungary to kennel Csövarberki. Wanda goes to Denmark next weekend (Kennel Daniavizslas) and we started some training with a dead pheasant hen. Wanda enjoyed the training and it seems that she will be a good working dog later. Images can be found on the puppypage

  March 14, 2007

Quodian's Quasar is not only a good working dog, he is also a therapy dog in the USA. I received this letter from his proud owner:

Today Quasar & I went to Salina Regional Health Center for the first time. We visited the rehab unit & helped some folks with their therapy. Did you know that playing fetch is physical therapy? When the patients stand & toss something they're working on balance, reach/extension, repetitive movements, visual tracking...all sorts of things! Quasar LOVES it, naturally, and boy is he learning "wait" for steadiness! He's also learning he doesn't have to make a mad dash for it when he's sent, if the floor is slick. ;-) Petting & brushing is theraputic too, but I'm not sure who enjoys it most, Quasar or the patients! We worked with several elderly stroke patients, a couple of people who'd had amputations and some who were recovering from head injuries. It was a busy morning in PT.
One young man was there for outpatient therapy after a head injury & the therapists asked if Quasar would stand up & put his paws on the fellow's chest--to help him with balance, back strength, etc. and relearning how not to get knocked over by something. They put a piece of carpet on the floor for Quasar's footing and it took a bit of coaxing, because Quasar has been taught not to jump up on people, but with a little encouragement and a toy, he did what we wanted & was a great success. The young man just grinned from ear to ear and his mom took their picture. I will teach Quasar "Up" so he'll know when it's ok to stand up and put his paws on someone.

EVERYONE complimented his super good behavior & couldn't get over how calm & relaxed he is, especially when they found out how young he is, not even 2 yrs. old yet. They even got one of the Admin. people to some in & see. Everyone that meets Quasar wants to know all about him & what kind of dog he is--we tell them we'll give them $1 if they guess right, but haven't had to pay up yet! ;-) They're amazed that his other job is hunting because he's so relaxed & laid back when he's doing his therapy job.

It is so rewarding, so wonderful to see people just light up when they see the dogs & know that we're helping them get better. I told the person in charge that if they wanted us to come more often than once a month, to please call anytime & we can go on short notice. This has to be one of the most enjoyable, gratifying activities I've ever had with a dog.

A very special, big, thank you to Quodian's, Lies van Essen, for such a wonderful, special dog!! All of our WHV are wonderful and special, of course, but everyone that knows him agrees that Quasar is extra special in his affinity for helping people.

Deb Wall
Konza Vadasz WHV in KS

  February 20, 2007

This great image was sent to us by Karel en Ria Knook, owners of Toto (puppy from Odan and Udo)

what's in there?

  February 20, 2007

nieuws-32.jpg - 56438 Bytes

BIS CH Vizland's Vizcaya Remy Red "Remy"

ARBA # 1 Wirehaired Vizsla for 2006
ARBA #36 All Breed for 2006
First 'Best In Show' WHV in US

(Lux/Dut Ch Fram Od Smutne Ricky X Pine Tree's Viz Hello Dolly)
OFA - Excellent (HD A)
Bred by: Amy Holland, Vizland's Vizsla
Owned and Handled by: Nancy Edmunds
Whelped: 7/25/02

From Holland we congratulate the owner and breeder of Vizland's Vizcaya Remy Red with this great result. She is the first Vizsla to become Best in Show in the US. Remy is a daughter from our Ricky.

  23 januari 2007

Today is also a sad day, because we had to say goodbye to Gentle (Ragnolds a Quodian's Fiü ) . On December 30, a tumour was found on the spleen. We decided to remove the spleen, but during surgery there was also a small leasion found on the liver. Gentle seemed fine after the operation, but it was only for a short period of time. To prevent further suffering, he was put to sleep at home amongst Bart , Richard and Jinke .
Gentle was a friendly dog, just as his name suggested. He came to the Netherlands from England as the pick of the litter, born in the Ragnolds Kennels, son to Quodian's Zanthos. Ragnolds a Quodian's Fiü means Son of Quodian's (in the Hungarian language). Because he was so sweet, we decided to call him Gentle /Gentlemen. His daughter and grand daughter Gentil (French for 'sweet') and Édes (Hungarian for 'darling') keep the memory of Gentle alive.

Ch. Ragnolds a Quodian's Fiü
11-10-1998    23-01-2007

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