November 13, 2006

  • World Dogshow Poznan Poland 12-11-2006

    Quodian's Pandur , CAC res CACIB Vice Weltsieger 2006


  • Winner show Amsterdam 26-11-2006

    • Q Szép és Édes Jeugdwinster 2006
    • Keszegérparti-Drotos Cimbi Jeugdwinner 2006
    • Cegled Serif Anci Winster 2006
    • Quodian's Okos res CAC/CACIB. Okos is now Dutch Champion

  October 26, 2006

We received a message from Matt, a happy owner from the USA. He has a litter sister to our Szép és Édes.

We have not trained your pup for hunting at all yet. No wing on a string, no commands or demands at all when she was out. We wanted to see what we would get if we just told her good girl and left it at that.

This weekend, on her first hunt alone ( no other dogs) with the hawk, she pointed and flushed without any errors. She quartered the field , crossed the wind ( dogs cant hunt into the wind with a hawk like they can with a gun hunter, so its harder on the dogs nose) and did everything right in about a 30 mile per hour wind.

On her second hunt of the weekend, she found, pointed and flushed a covey of quail. She then found ( on her own, no command from me) and pointed a single quail , broke point when it moved ( OK for a hawking dog) and repointed it when she was able to stop it ( a lot to ask of a 9 month old puppy) and then flushed it towards the hawk. It was the hawks first quail of the season ( catching quail with this type of hawk is very hard, it takes a very good team of dog/hawk/person). Once the hawk caught it, she went right up to them and laid down about a meter away ( keeps other hawks and coyotes away). She had not been trained to do that either, had not even ever seen my older dog do it…so she just “ knew”.

  October 22, 2006

Dania Vizsla Arkari is born in Denmark. Heis a son of our Okos, daughter of Humlekrogen's Carmen and grandson of our Arasz. We think that Ari (as we will call him) will be a great dog, considering his roots. For the time being, Ari will stay in Denmark to be prepared for his career in showing and hunting.

  October 18, 2006

Kadushi is ready to be mated. Since she is 4 years old now, we will have to get her mated this season, becuase she otherwise will be too old for her first litter. We have chosen Csövarberki Okos as sire. He is a promising young male, who already has proven his abilities to work and his show qualtity. If and when everything will go according to plan, the puppies will be born the first week of January 2007. This litter will be bred according to the rules of the club regulations. Click on the puppypage! for more information.

  October 17, 2006

  September 30, 2006

News from Germany: Quodian's Quaestor (Quodian's Byzar x Eron selle ) has - besides his VJP - obtained his HZP with great results. We are very proud and thank his owner Bernard von Clewe for his efforts. Quaestor is HD A. All we now need is some more show results, which would not be a problem. After that, we hope to be able to use him for a litter.

  3 september 2006

Clubmatch in Woudenberg: results
  • Best male: Quodian's Okos
  • Best female , Best of Breed and Clubwinner 2006: Cegled Serif Anci
It was a nice day, I enjoyed the judging. Judges were Mrs Gyarfás from Hungary and Mr J van Soest from Holland. Mrs Gyarfás also wrote down her impressions about the Dutch Vizsla's .

First, I would like to say thank the comittee for my invititation and a big thank you for the owners/exhibitors who entered their vizslas. I enjoyed the friendly, sportsmanlike atmosphere during my judging.

It surprised me to have such a large entry of dogs considering this is a small country, we do not have this many entries in Hungary.

The quality of the dogs was very pleasing. Most of them were the right size, type and colour. A few of them had too light eyes and too darker coat - this is the biggest problem in the breed in lot of other countries. Please never forget the Vizsla must have strait topline of muzzle, and it is not a quadratic breed, it is a bit longer!

I really loved the "korthaar" male winner, he was very nice, "real vizsla" and very well presented. The most difficult was me to choose the best bitch because both the CAC and reserve were of the highest quality, and of good type, the reserve had the most beautiful head, but the winner won with her excellent movement. Both could win everywhere !

The "draadhaar"s impressed me to. In the junior classes I found some too big and heavy, but I could give many "excellent" qualifications to many really typey dogs, with very good hair quality. It was nice to see most of them had nice dark eyes. (sorry to say at home we have a problem with this). As in the other breed, I liked my class winners very much.

I think the breeding in Holland is on the right track, I wish you lots of good looking, good temperamented, good working Vizsla in the future!

Mrs Gyarfás

  September 3, 2006

Finally !!! On August 29, Oda came into season. We expect a litter mid November: that would be a great birthday gift! More news will follow soon. Look at the puppypage as well.


  August 5, 2006

For sale: 1,5.year old bitch Vizsla Shorthaired Cinka Csinos z Vodného mlyna, sir: Bukowsky od Zazdenky, dam: Borgia z Panských lesu, hunting, tests: SO 2, SVS 1 prize, HIP displazia 0-0 (A/A). Good work in the field, good retrieve, loves water, trained for Autumn hunting tests. Contact: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26.6.2006

This is how it all started

While I was surfing the website of the Sloawkian Vizsla Club, I found this advertisement. I recognized the name of the owner of the dog, since I met this man at the Clubshow in Slowakia, when I unexpectedly bought Lou-Lou. I also met Cinka, the short haired female. She was a great bithc, and I really liked her. But she was a short haired, and that was that! The idea crossed my mind, that if I ever was to have a short haired. it should be a dog like her. When I read the advertisment, I hesitated just for a short moment. Since I know the circumstances in Slowakia, and the kennels where the dogs are supposed to live in, I picked up the phone and called the owner.

Cinka was still there, and because it took so long she was meanwhile mated by a 'super dog' as he called it. I was shocked, because Cinka is far too young to get a litter. What next? I decided to go and get her. I think we can offer her a better life, and we can definitely take better care of her and the puppies.

  August 2, 2006

We just returned home from Slowakia, when I received a mail from Nathalie Parent (Kennel Du Domaine st Hubert). She required attention about the following: her good friend Dr Oto Orban (Kennel Instropolis Kince Slowakia ) was looking for a good home for his wire haired bitch Juli . We know her brother Jasmin, who lives with Nathalie in France. Jasmin is a great dog, good character, good working abilities and also a beautifull dog as well. The description of Juli is somewhat the same, a great friendly, quiet dog, willing to work. Juli can be a great addition to our breeding lines. We therefore decided to get her on August 5. We are very grateful that dr Orban trusts us to have her.


Juli Instropolis Kince
Eurodog show Austria '05 1 ex CACA

SVS ( Slowakian TAN)
judged by the Slowakian Vizsla club

  August 4, 2006

This year we received two great images!

Tessa enjoys her wel deserved holidays and waits for the waiter

Milan and Mark both race for the ball. Who gets there first?

   July 10, 2006

Fürdóhazi Gabci (Kittie) has 'retired' after her two litters. We hoped to find a good home for her, and she found a perfect new home with a vets' couple in Germany (Grosse Beilage). She is friend of the other wired hair Vizsla, hunting dog of the owner, as well as pet! Kittie, all the best, and we hope to be able to call you 'Grandma' next year, when Panache gets her litter.

   July 9, 2006

Show results until June 2006

  • Quodian's Okos : in intermediate class :
    • Leiden 01-04-2006: Cac/Res Cacib
    • Dortmund 07-05-2006 Germany: VDH Europasieger - CAC /CACIB BOS
    • Hunting Group show Echt 14-05-2006: CAC/BOB
    • Arnhem ' Pinkstershow' 04-06-2006: CAC/Res CACIB
    • Mol Belgium: 11-06-2006, CAC BOS
    • Hulten 17-06-2006, CAC/CACIB
    • Flevodog show ,CAC
    • Brussel dog show (Belgium): Res CAC /Res CACIB Brussel Winner 2006

  • Cegled Serif Anci (Bori) in Junior class :
    • Leiden 01-04-2006, CAC
    • Hunting Group show Echt 14-05-2006, CAC
    • Arnhem ' Pinkstershow' 04-06-2006, CAC
    • Mol Belgium 11-06-2006, CAC/BOB
    • Hulten 17-06-2006 ,CAC/BOB
    • Flevodogshow 2-406-2006, CAC
    • Brussel Dog Show Belgium Belgian Junior Winster 2006 en BOB
    Bori ended his show season with the title Dutch Junior Champion

Als Komlosteri Bator (Bercsi) was entered into a show twice. Unfortunately the judge in Germany (Mrs Karstens) had some remarks, and he was awarded just with a 'very good'. Until now, Bercsi always was awarded with a 'U' (excellent), so we will not take her judging too serious this time.
  • Komlosteri Bator (Bercsi) in utility class
    • Dortmund Europasieger 07-05-2006, ZG
    • Brussel Dogshow : CAC/CACIB and 4th place in the utility group!!!
In August, after summer holidays the first show of the season will take place. If and when the HD examination is OK, Lou-Lou will also join!

   June 3, 2006

The wirehaired Vizsla is now 40 years old, this was the reason for Lies van Essen and me to visit the Slovakia again! It was the weekend of the Club Show. Read more and look at the photos

   May 31, 2006

We are very grateful that Kati from Kennel Csövarberki Hongarije that she trusted us to have her Nimpha. We shall keep the honours up, will show Nimpha and ofcourse compete in field trials. She will - eventually- get a litter with a good male and one of the puppies will return to Hungary.

On top of this good news we have to welcome Lou Lou On the Slowakian show, her owner offered her for sale and it was love on first sight. Lou Lou is still pretty young, so time will have to tell if she will be good enough to get a litter.

1966 was the year that the Vizsla breed was recognized by the FCI. That means that it is exactly 40 years ago!

This event will be celebrated by breedclubs in other countries as well, and several special competitions and other events will be organized. I can't let this event pass without organizing something special. Our yearly 'family meeting' will be something real special because of this 40 year existence of the breed. What it will be exactly is still a secret, but it wil be great! More information about this will be announced on this page!!

   April 8, 2006

On April 8, two of our dogs participated in the VJP (verbands Jugend Prüfung) in Germany. During this test, the natural existing hunting abilities are being tested. Quodian's Quaestor (owned by: B v. Clewe) and Quodian's Panaché both passed this test. Panaché also earned an extra remark on her exam ( a "sicht laut"). We will continue training for the next test, the 'Herbst zucht prüfung'.

the 3 judges, field owner, Niklas and Lies

   March 21, 2006

Training of Panaché (Panni ) is going great, thanks to the efforts of her trainer Nicolas Haferkamp. I hope she will pass her VJP in April. We will keep you posted.

Panni and her trainer Niklas

   February 26, 2006

Quodians Kajusz becomes International Champion in Gent (B). We are so proud of him and his results!

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