December 15, 2005

Today Quodian's Hayfa ( Tessa) became Dutch champion on the Kerstshow in Wijchen. Tessa is a daughter from Bodohegyi Zsarnok and Princerdei Rizlingharcos Aliz. Congratulations to the owners Hetty and Renee Peeters .

   December 16, 2005

Winner Amsterdam!

Juniorwinner: Quodians Okos
Winner (males) + BOB: Jakabhegyi Vadasz Buda (broertje van Arasz)
Juniorwinster + Winster (females): Quodijins Catou

On the Winner 2005, the most important show in the Netherlands, (December 3 and 4) there were 12 Vizsla's entered. Unfortunately Int Ch. Quodian's Ivette was absent in the working class. Best male dog was Jakabhegyi Vadasz Buda (owner: Jolanda Kamsteeg)

Buda wins Group 7 , and becomes Reserve Best in Show!! A great result in Vizsla history. Buda became Best in Show in Zuidlaren, so these two results are really remarkable. Buda is a brother to our Arasz and we are very proud of Buda and his wins.Congratulations Jolanda !!!!! Now we can happily enter the 'green arena' of Crufts with these two handsome brothers. Others beware!

   November 20, 2005

On November 20, 2005
Bercsi (Komlosteri Bator) gained another CAC, and is now Dutch Champion. Special thanks to breed judge Mrs Gerda Halff-van Boven .


   November 12, 2005

The Unting Day in Houthalen (Belgium) was a huge success. More information on this link

   November 6, 2005

Quodian's Ivette (Idi) is now International Champion as well.


With special thanks and gratulations to her owner Ingeborg Caminecci .

   August 20, 2005

On August 14, we brought Okos home from Hungary. After intensive training by my friend Zsofia, he passed the T.A.N. in Hungary with flying colors. The test comprised the following:
  • quality of nose
  • searching,speed and persistence
  • pointing
  • steadynes on game and shot
  • obedience in field

Okos passed with the maximum points and was 1st. He was also entered for the exterior judging, as to obtain his breeding certificat. That was no problem at all, since Okos is a great respresentative of his breed. The certificat "Tenyesztheto" was given to him with an excellent description.

On August 14, he was also entered for a Hunting dog show in Nagyvazsony Hungary. Judge was the well known Vizsla specialist Tamas Jakkel. He won his class and gained the titel Hungaria Prima Junior. It was really exciting at the end during the round for Best Dog. He almost won, but he was ofcourse still very young and the titel went to Champion and European Champion 2005 Diana Ficsur . We will keep you posted about further events and results!

   August 2, 2005

Today I had so say goodbye to our friend Ranger. All people who ever visited us, will remember him as the black giant Riesenschnauzer that always welcomed people at the door. I will never forget the surprised expression of people who thought they visited a Vizsla kennel and met a giant black dog. But after a few moments he was able to let people believe that Riesenschnauzers are great dogs! Ranger meant a lot to us and we will miss him. He was always so good to our pups. None of them was ever afraid of large black dogs!

To call him a dog hardly seems to do him justice,
Altough inasmuch as he had four legs and a tail
And barked, I admit he was , to all outward appearances.
But to those of us who knew him well , he was a perfect
Gentlemen and friend .

Sasvari Visconte Ranger
Ch.Int, NL, H . (ipo 1)
15 April 1994 -2 Augustus 2005

   July 29, 2005

July 17 was a great day in the Vizsla history. To celebrate the visit of Deb Wall from the USA (Konza Vadasz Kennel) I organized a gathering in the Loonse and Drunense Duinen, to show her the wirehaired Vizsla's from Holland. It was for her, as well as for all of us spectacular to see so many dogs together. It is also special to see how the dogs interact and play peacefully together.

I also invited my other Vizsla friends, Ingeborg Caminici from Germany (von Haus Schladren, Caroline Busby (UK Starshot) Pam Wellstead (UK Ragnolds) Jinke Jonkers Both (NL Quodijin's). Together we are responsible for a large number of the population (probably the largest). It will be clear that we talked a lot about Vizsla's and the future of the breeed.

Click here for more images

f.l.t.r. Pam Wellstead, Caroline Busby , Deb Wall, Ingeborg Caminneci, Jinke Jonkers Both.
front: Lies van Essen

   April 5, 2005

Today Bercsi (Komlosteri Bator) and I competed in a Fieldcompetition in Steenbergen. Circumstances were far from ideal. We were the first to start on an empty ploughed field. According to Bercsi there was no wildlife, so he preferred to run after the birds. This offcourse was not the intention. In the afternoon during the second run Bercsi did his very best. Though no wildlife was found, the jury decided to honour him. It was a great experience and I'm very proud of him. I'm dedicated to continuing these (difficult) fieldcompetions with Bersci.

   March 27, 2005

Almost all puppies of Kittie and Betyar now have new owners. Owners are living in Finland (1) , Germany (2) en the Netherlands. From one bitch we could not part , therefore she stays with us. We hope see will look similar to her father Betyar. We named her Panache, which is French for "something of everything". We hope she has it all (beauty and hunting instinct)

   March 16, 2005

Vizsla club Netherlands member meeting: This meeting I stepped forward as a member of the FBC (breeding commission). I hope to contribute with my knowledge and experience.

   February 25, 2005

On February 9 Quodian's Byzar was mated by Eron Selle .

This planned combination also meets the requirements of the Dutch Vizsla Club. Eron Selle (Udo) is a male dog from the Selle Kennels in Slowakia. The Selle Kennels contributed to the development of the wire haired Vizsla. Therefore we are very happy that we are able to add 'blood' from Eron Selle to our breeding lines. Eron Selle meets all the requirements as to be able to be used breeding Vizslas. He is HD free, has various field qualifications and ofcourse also won several good results on breed shows. Eron has an open and friendly character. We have high expectations of this combination, even more because the good litters he already produced. The puppies are expected mid April
More pictures and the pedigree can be found at the puppysection

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