December 7, 2004

Today, December 7, I left with my good friend Ingeborg (kennel von haus schladern duitsland) for Slowakia. There we had a meeting with the President of the Slowakian Vizsla Society. We learnt a lot that day and it was a great day. I was impressed by his male dog Champion Betyar z Malookcskej , a fantastic male, with a lot of achievements in the field. I've always wanted a puppy of this male and today I was lucky because I could acquire his female Kittie served by Betyan. If and when everything goes well, puppies from this combination will be born in February 2005. I do hope we can give the wire haired Vizsla breeding a good impuls. For an image of Kitty and her pedigree
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   December 5, 2004

Today, December 5, we had our yearly gathering with our Vizsla family members. We met at the Loonse and Drunense Dunes in Kaatsheuvel, a lovely region. Despite the difficult date because of 'Sinterklaas' there were 54 Vizsla's and twice as many owners. It was a great event with so many Vizsla's together. After our walk there was a meeting in the restaurant and Sinterklaas offered everyone as well as all the Vizsla's a small present. I would like to thanks everyone - also the guests from abroad - for coming and hopefully: untill next year!! For pictures please click here

   November 7, 2004

Quodian's Okos and Oda are added to the males resp. bitches gallery with photo.

   October 28, 2004

Today, October 28 Tordaszigeti Picsi died. She was born on July 2, 1987 and was 17 years and 3 months old! She was the damn of Quodian's 'K-litter' (21 december 1990) and had a great life at Family de Jong in Epe.

   October 9, 2004

We hope to organize our yearly 'family day' with the usual walking with the dogs. Already a wellknown event for insiders, but for newbies a unique opportunity to meet the family of their Vizsla, and ofcourse to walk along with 50 or more Vizslas. We meet at the parking of restaurant de Roestelberg at 11.00 AM , Roestelbergse weg 2 5171 RL Kaatsheuvel .

We will walk 1.5 hours to 2 hours through the lovely Loonse and Drunense dunes. Hereafter we have a nice gathering to warm up again. Will you be there? Please let me know via the e mail

   October 3, 2004

show hongaerije

During the week September 11 - 18 the World Meeting for Hungarian breeds was held in Hungary. It was an event were we really were looking forward to going to. There would be a 2-day show, seminars about breeding, and the European Cup matches of hunting would be held. But.... Kijarah got her pups and the children ought to be at school again that week. John and I could not be away together, but I really wanted to go. I wanted to visit the show, and see as much as possible wired haired Vizsla's and talk to my friends.

I was so happy that Caroline Busby (starshot kennels) my English friend wanted to go with me. We left on Thursday evening and returned home on Monday night. In 5 days we drove more that 3500 km's but we had a wonderfull show. our dogs Arasz, Brioche and Janosh won on both days the reserve CAC (also won second place) and on Saturday Arasz and Brioche won the pairs. It was quite an honour for two Dutch dogs to win from the 20 pairs that were entered. Agi - the daughter of my Hungarian friend Eva - showed them and had them win this.

On both days there were approx. 50 Vizsla's entered. BOB on Saturday was Hejocsabai Dicsoseg and on Sunday Gyermat Erdei Dahaj. Hungary won the European Cup. There was als a booklet published for this event (in three languages) about the Vizsla. People who are interested can order this booklet via me.

More pictures of this event!!

   September 3, 2004

Today I had to put Quodians Omara (csibesz ) asleep. She was critically ill.

  August 9, 2004

Today we visited the pups of Fam Leuthauser in Germany (Von Holtwicker Forst). Their bitch Ekes von Haus Schladern and Fram od Smutne Ricky got 9 puppies. Ofcourse we were very curious for the result. The puppies looed wonderful, were happy and open and are ready to go to their new homes. We have high expectations with respect to their abilities for hunting, quality for shows, rescue dog and not in the least as pet dog. I am sure that these pups will meet our expectations.
Birko v.Holtwicker Forst
   22 juli 2004

On July 22, 8 puppies are born at my friend's kennel Quodijin's (mail: Jinke Jonkers Both) There are 5 males and 3 bithces in this litter. Proud parents are Quodians Jarda and Jakabhegyi Vadasz Arasz.

   June 23, 2004

Quodijin's Brioche got 1st Excellent at the show in Echt as well as a CAC and BOB. Brioche also won a 3rd place in the Group judging! In Hulten Fram od Smutne Ricky got 1 Excellent, CAC, BOB als a 3rd prize in de group .

   May 16, 2004

On May 16 we entered Brioche for the International Show. At an age of only 11 months Brioche got her first CAC as well as Best of Breed. On top of this, she won 3rd place in the Group!

   March 29, 2004

The dogs were very succesful in Luxembourg (March 27, 2004).Judge: Mr Nagy Istvan from Hungary. Results:
  • Fram od Smutne Ricky Excellent 1, CACL
  • Quodijin's Brioche Excellent 1, CACL and Luxembourg Youth Champion

   March 27, 2004

I added some new photo's to the gallery section
I also added a new male dog

   March 20, 2004

I added some new photo's to the gallery section

   March 4, 2004

I added some new links to the links section

   February 26, 2004

Today Fram Od Smutne Ricky came to our home to strengthen our pack. Ricky was born in Tsjechie in 1999. Before, he lived with my good friend Amy Holland in the USA, but she wants to have Ricky a nice career and great life in Europe (thanks Amy !). More news will follow soon! You can find more information under the 'male section'

  February 24, 2004

I added some pictures of our 'family day 2003' to the sites. Click here for the gallery!

Ch. Ragnolds a Quodian's Fiü

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