Aldózóvolgyi-Drotos Jutalom (Luzsi)

Date of birth 02-04-2015


S: Nádiszelló Jankó
D: Aldózóvolgyi –Drotos Dolmány

Show Results:
Hungarian Junior champion 23-04-2016 Debrecen Hungary 1st excellent HPJ
19-06-2016 Nyiregháza Hungary 1st excellent HPJ Best Junior
11-09-2016 Sálgotarjan Hungary 1st excellent HPJ
16-10-2016 Makó Hungary 1st excellent CAC
06-10-2017 Waltrop Germany - Vizsla clubshow 1st Very Good

VAV (Hungarian huntingdog certificate)

Luzsi is a litter sister to our Jegyes and came to live with us in spring 2018.
She is different than her sister both in character and looks. She is somewhat more robust and has a shorter coat.
Her character is open and happy and she is always in for a game like 'where is the hare' or'who has the ball first'.
We are very happy with Luzsi.