Crimson Sky's Purple Rain (Tess)

date of birth: 18-07-2017


S: Dual Ch. Field Ch. Crimson Double Twenty Gauge
D: Barben's Daisy Chain

21-04-18 Fieldtrial Derby 1st Good
16-08-18 Fieldtrial Derby 1st Excellent
19-08-18 Fieldtrial Derby 1st Excellent
31-08-18 Basic Fieldtrial test NL : passed
22-09-18 Fieldtrial Derby 3rd Very Good
14-10-18 Int. Field trial Solo 1st Very Good

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02-09-2018 Clubshow Vizsla 1st excellent
04-11-2018 Dogshow Bleiswijk 1st excellent CAC/CACIB/BOB
05-11-2018 Dogshow Bleiswijk 1st excellent Res. CAC/CACIB

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With the help of my dear friend Belinda I could finally pick up our new American puppy in the USA. I searched for a puppy that was bred 'dual purpose' from specific bloodlines as well. I thank Pam and Mark Spurgeon that they trusted 'Tess' to my care.

21.04.2018 - Best Derby dog


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