Smooth haired Vizsla

Quodian's Jazz
free from hereditary eye disorders
no carrier of the long hair gene
date of birth: 22-10-2014

D: Kamp. Vizcaya Song Sung Blue CW '14 ( Imp. US)
S. Kamp. Csipkeskuti Juhar

Jazz was the only female puppy from the litter of Dia and orion. She is small but very active, has a great scent, is always on the look out for birds and is always ready to play fetch! Indoor mostly kitchen clothes and socks! She has a lovely temperament, is always happy is gentle and wants to be cuddled. That is our Jazz!

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Ambiorixtrofee (B) 1st excellent CAC/CACIB
KC Arnhem 2nd excellent Res. CAC
18.03.2018 Int. Dogshow KV Rijnland: 1st excellent (openclass) - Best female, CAC and BOS

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