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Shorthaired Vizsla born on August 18, 2017

Our special litter from Jazz en Drak is born on August 18.

We were still in Austria for our holiday (well.... I actually mean training with the dogs) when we heard from Daniël that Jazz was in labour. Daniël was a perfect midwife and in no time Jazz delivered her 2 males and 6 females. They are all in good health. We are proud of Daniël and Jazz and danced in Austria. Our long expected 'let's dance' litter is here! To be continued.

D: Quodian's Jazz (ch. Vizcaya's Song Sung Blue imp US x ch. Csipkeskuti Juhar)

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S: Drak z Tisnovskych Reviru (Int W Ch Diansa z Panských lesú x Tr Tonga du Clos de la Baudeliere)
certified by the hungarian Vizsla club
free from long hair genes

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owner of this great male is Sandor Kertesz Csokolandy kennel Hungary



Images of our previous short haired Vizsla litter - Images by Aaron Busby

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