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  All our litters comply with the rules of the Dutch Vizsla club


Short haired Vizsla born on May 11, 2019

The red hot Cayenne peppers are born! On Saturday May 11, 12 puppies were born from the combination of Quodian's Cayenne and Szultan. 11 of the 12 puppies scored perfectly but number 12 stayed behind and died the next morning. All the other puppies are equal in weight and have a great color. We are really happy with this litter. A nice detail is the fact that Cayenne got the award of best field worker 2018 from the Vizsla Club. I am very proud of her!

This time we did not choose a famous male with special titles and results but for a more unknown male to bring in some new blood.
The male we chose for Cayenne has a superb pedigree, a good health and an excellent character
We are looking forward to welcoming the litter from Cayenne and Szervuz Szultan


Quodian's Cayenne, Benelux Winster 2015


S: Dual Purp. champion Alcsi Gergö
D: Quodian's Una

Look at her own website for all the show and work results


Szervuz Szultan



Images of our previous short haired Vizsla litter - Images by Aaron Busby

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