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  All our litters comply with the rules of the Dutch Vizsla club


Wirehaired Vizsla puppies born on January 28, 2018

After exactly 61 days the puppies of Jegyes and Onyx are born. It was a relaxed delivery in our living room and Jegyes did a perfect job. There are 3 males and 6 females. They will be named after their father who is called Onyx which is a gem. The theme for this litter therefor is 'Precious little gems'. To be continued!

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Jegyes with her full belly!

Our Jegyes (Alodozóvölgyi Drotos Jegyes) has been mated by Amberpoint Onyx. Onyx is a medium sized male that was imported from Sweden by Mr and Mrs Hendriks. His parents are Quodian's Xerxes en Quodian's Lana. Onyx is a hard working and reliable hunting dog.

His health results: HD A, free from hereditary eye disorders (incl gonio), free from the longhair gene
Work: JBT certificate, working Vizsla
Shows: Dutch junior champion



When our Benka will become in season, she will be mated by the young French male Le Kastaar de Domaine St Hubert. Benka is a very active wire haired girl with lots of passion. She loves to work. Since she was a puppy she is keen on retrieving things. And above all that she had a real Vizsla character: a social sweetheart who loves to be cuddled.

Quodian's Benka (Reszö von Haus Schadren x champion Quodian's Glayva)

date of birth 09-07-2015


16.04.2017 - 1 excellent, CAC/CACIB/BOB
29.04.2017 - Braboshow - 1 excellent, CAC/BOB
05.06.2017 - Pinkstershow - 1 excellent, CAC/CACIB/BOB


VAV certificate

Le Kastaar was bred in France. He is being trained by the French top trainer Emmanuel Bougeois. Kastaar got great results in the field already from early age. He also does very well on shows. I am very happy that we are able to use Kastaar as a stud for Benka and we hope to get a great litter from these two. Thanks Viviane and Tony!

CHFJ Trialer Le-Kastaar du Domaine Saint Hubert (CHCS CHB Trialer Darko du Domaine Saint Hubert x CHIB CHCS Trialer CHFTA CHR Eureka du Domaine Saint Hubert)

date of birth 12-05-2015

DNA Comp, HD A, teeth complete, free from eye disorders (tested 13/10/2016 DR Capiau UZ-Gent / Merelbeke), free from long hair gene
HUU carrier, Cotation 4/6 (France) - Recommandé (recommended)

Work: Show:



Images of our previous short haired Vizsla litter - Images by Aaron Busby

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