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  December 24, 2013

Just a nice image of this trio

  December 22, 2013

Winner 2013

As usual we went to the Winnershow in Amsterdam. This year it was a two day show with the 'Winner' on Sunday. It was a great weekend. I really enjoyed meeting all my friends again and I met some new people as well. I am also very happy with the results. Special thanks to our great handle Mariska Huis.

1st day: 1st day: 2nd day Winner 2013: 2nd day Winner 2013
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  December 3, 2013

Two new HD results: Quodian's Cayenne: HD A and Quodian's Glayva: HD A. Needless to say how happy I am!

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  November 23, 2013

Good show results for our dogs during the weekend of November 2 and 3, 2013. Tunde was entered in junior class on her first 'real' show in Bleiswijk. She became 1st with excellent, beat a male from champio class and was Best of Breed. During the same weekend Glayva was entered in Herning (Denmark). On both days she was awarded with an excellent, got her CAC and CACIB and Best of Breed. On November 3 she won the title Danish Winster 2013. Q Rembrandt from owner Pallesen was a little less lucky, he was beaten by a female from the champion class and got reserve championships. We were very happy with the results.

  November 22, 2013

All puppies but one that will move to the UK have gone to their new owners now. They left for all parts of Holland and further away as well. Udazken will become a serach and rescue dog in Switzerland, Liqiu stayed close in Zevenbergen, Akiko will work as huntingdog in Drenthe, Tardor moved to Germany, Autumn is now sister to Fitch in Amersfoort, Seronda will be the second Vizsla after Gazi (1990) for the Üstun family and Stav is now brother to Bartok, who lives in Friesland with Rens Smit. Harifa stays with us for a little while because she has to get her vaccinations before going to the UK. She will live with Peter and Liz Harper (Pitswarren kennel). I hope she will be s famous as her new family there. It was a pleasure to raise this litter and we wish all the puppies and their owners all the best.

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  November 9, 2013

On November 19 I went to the yearly event in Ochtrop - Germany. This is the best hunting event for me and I am always looking forward to it. This year I took Dia and Larmas with me and together with Pip and Sam, owned by Rob and Marijke Loohuis they formed a well performing team, There was a lot of various game and it as better than ever. At the end of the day we had pheasants, hare, rabbit, fox and a roe deer (by mistake) and some ducks. I nearly got run over by a boar but that did not matter, it was a real good day. Thanks to Rob Loohuis and Mr Boomkamp. See you next year!

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  October 22, 2013

On the Dogshow in Bruxelles on September 21, Quodian's Rembrandt got 1st excellent CAC/CACIB/ and Best of Breed. He was also placed 1st in group!! Im am very proud

  October 21, 2013

I am very proud of Cayenne and her honourable mention on the field trial. It was not easy this year due to several circumstances. On one day it was extremely hot with just little or no wind. On another day it was pouring just when we were in the fields. There were also a lot of hare around and they made it very difficult for our young Cayenne. Sometimes they were very distracting. But, there are alway new chances next year for this promising and talented young female. I am looking forward to it.

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  September 7, 2013

September 1, 2013: Clubshow Vizsla 2013

Again a day never to forget. Both the shorthaired Clubwinner as the Wirehaired Clubwinner was a Quodian's Vizsla! That makes me really proud.

Short haired Clubwinner 2013: Quodians Rembrandt (Szilaz) owned by Eigenaar Pallesen

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Wire haired Clubwinner 2013: Quodian's Galyva owned by Caminneci. Remarkable detail: last year her father, Quodian's Glen Talloch became Clubwinner!

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Best male was our Yarno (anubis od Csipeska)

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  September 5, 2013

Field trial Vizsla club: Novice class. Rubens seems to be bored on the image below, but this great dog performed great during a very hot day in a field with only a few hare which he treated with respect. He really showed his passion and abilities well and the judge gave him an honourable mention. Rubens became best Vizsla of the day. Congrats Nicolette

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  August 25, 2013

Dogshow Rotterdam (25.08.2013): a great day!! Quodian's Rembrandt became Dutch champion this day and Vizcaya's Song Sung Blue (our Dia) 1st excellent CAC/CACIB and BOB. Under a Hungarian judge she was chosen 5th best in group in group 7.

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We competed with our wire haired Vizslas Quodians Glen Talloch, Galyva and Drambuie. Galyva won CAC/CACIB/BOB, Drambuie was reserve. But what was really exciting was the win by Glen and daughter Galya! They became best brace! I was so proud!!

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  Augustus 11, 2013

On August 10 I visited my friend Pam Welstead (Ragnolds kennels) in the UK to pick up our new short haired Vizsla. On the image below 4 generations short haired Vizslas: from left to right first of all Cinka Csinos Z Vodneho Mlyna (she is now Picker up dog during hunting in the UK) her daughter Ragnolds Selah, granddaughter Ragnolds First Impression and her great granddaughter Ragnolds Scotch Bonnet our new puppy. It was great to see the four generations. We hope that our little Bonnet will be just as healthy and great as her (grand) parents. We are very happy with her.

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  August 2013

KNJV test Haaften, August 2013. I am very proud of Quodian's Rivella, Quodian's Rubens and Quodian's Rembrand. They all got their KNJV B certificate this season. Wire haired Quodian's Theron got a great C certificate. Congrats and thanks to the owners!

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  August, 2013

Enya is in Argentinia right now and is doing great on the shows. She is now Argentinian and Chilean champion!

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  August, 2013

Cayenne passed the basic hunting test organized by the Hungarian Vizsla club and also now holds a breeding certificate.

  July 16, 2013

In May 2013 I joined the Dutch team to compete for the European Cup with Mano. We spent some great days in Hungary and the atmosphere was wonderful. Our team won a joint 3rd place.

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  July 15, 2013

On July 14, Otto from owner Peggy de Koning got his basic working certificate in Belgium. Congrats Peggy!

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  July 2013

Quodian's Rivella (Lola) from owner Moniek van Roosendaal was chosen Best Youth Vizsla 2012 by the Dutch Hungarian Vizsla Club. Her friend Bella became best shorthaired Vizsla 2012.

  July 15, 2013

Dutch & International Champion Anubis Od Cipíska (Yarno) was awarded 1st excellent, CAC/CACIB/BOB and 5th BOG at the Dogshow Echt on July 7, 2013. Vizscaya's Song Sung Blue (Dia) got 2nd excellent and Res CAC/CACIB

  July 14, 2013

Summer 2013: Igor and Tünde swimming together.

  June 17, 2013

At the World dogshow in Hongary Quodian's Tareck Rey De Celis was placed 1st with excellent and CAC

  June 15, 2013

We were in Lommel (Belgium) with Fia and Aaron. Dia got excellent 1 and CAC (best female) and Aaron was 1st in chapion class with res CAC.

  June 12, 2013

Quodian's Eszta won 2nd prize in Denmark on blood track. Congrats Mona Lisa click for a larger version of the image

  June 11, 2013

Quodian's Theron (Sepp) got his certificate.

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  June 10, 2013

A great image of Quodian's Tareck Rey D Celis (Argentina)

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  June 8, 2013

Q Rembrandt competed on a show in Denmark and was awarded BOB! One day before he did a retrieval test and got maximum score! What a great dog.

  May 22 2013

A Vizsla is always in for some fun!

  May 5, 2013

A miracle happened! Our sweet Sack found a new home in Germany. He was with us for almost 6 months and I was so used to him and liked him so much that I just thought that he would stay for ever. When this opportunity came, I hesitated but after some thought I decided that it would be a great chance for him. I miss him, but knowing that he has a great home makes it all OK. Goodbye dear Sack!

  May 3, 2013

Jan and Caroline Eilander also sent me some great images of Luna (Quodian's Suaza). She is gorgeous!

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  May 2, 2013

Nicole Hager from Switserland sent us these great images of Quodian's Melody

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  May 1, 2013

I received a message that one of our wire haired males was shown on the Newsletter of the American Kennel Club. I was surprised but proud.

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  April 27, 2013

On April 27 Cayenne passed her natural hunting abilities test. It was a great day and and the end we got our certificate.

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  April 26, 2013

Again two great results for Quodian's Rubens (Vito) and Quodian's Rembrandt (Szilasz). On April 26 they were in a field trail organized by the German wire Haired Club. Rubens 1st (VG) and Rembrandt 2nd (VG). I am very proud.

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  April 22, 2013

Int. Dogshow Goes 20-04-2012
It was time for a show again. Goes is pretty nearby, and although the weather was sunny and warm I did not regret it, since the results were good.
Wirehaired Vizsla's (2 entered): Quodian's Enya Ex 1 + CAC/CACIB/BOB

Shorthaired Vizsla's (16 entered): Quodian's Rubens (Vito owned by Nicolette Roodink) 1U + CAC/CACIB/BOS and Vizcaya Song Sung Blue (our Dia) Ex 1 + CAC/CACIB/BOB

  April 22, 2013

Fieldtrial Steenbergen on April 16, 2013: Quodian's Rubens (Vito) was placed 2nd and Quodian's Rembrandt (Szilaz ) was placed 3rd place. Well done brothers!

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  April 15, 2013

Jamesz and Tanja: this is obviously real love! (Jamesz lives with the van der Lee family)

  April 15, 2013

Below some images from Copain (Quodian's Otis) a lovely hairy Vizsla who is called 'puppyhead' by his owner Claudia (you will see why). Ofcourse the best advertisement for the breed is a well groomed Vizsla, but I also want to share these images of Copain with his hairy and wild coat. Claudia thinks (ofcourse) that her Copain is the best, most intelligent and most wonderful Vizsla in the world! And that is what is most important. If you want to see more of Copain, please click on the link to his blogspot. Thanks for the images Dien!

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  April 14, 2013

Jehtro and Gibbs (owned by Conny and Perry Spits) often ride on the horse drawn vehicle. They attract a lot of attention and they obviously enjoy doing this!

  April 12, 2013

On March 31, Q Rembrandt got his first 'real' fieldtrial qualification (VG and 1st place). He was best Vizsla of the day. I am very proud and so happy for his owner Michael Pallesen. They are really succesfull after all the hard work! Not only Rembrandt got his qualification but earlier also Rubens and Rivella. Three dogs from one and the same litter. I am so grateful that their owners are so motivated to work with the dogs. Lance and Una (Silke) can be proud parents!

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  April 11, 2013

Great results for Quodian's Tareck Rey D'Celis from Argentinia. This was a great result, because he was judged by a Hungarian breed specialist, Tamas Jakkel. He was so impressed that he chose Tareck as 4th best in show!

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  April 9, 2013

Buster (owned by Marjo Hoeder) working in the water. A Vizsla is also capable of doing this kind of work!!

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  March 5, 2013

There are some lovely male puppies available in the Amberpoints kennel. Sire and dam are both Quodian's Vizsla's: Quodian's Xerxes and Quodian's Lana. The litter complies to the rules of the Club. Boths parents are HD free and have both good showresults and good working capabilities. Please mail mme for more information

  February 11, 2013

Winter in Oudenbosch!

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  January 23, 2013

Quodian's Solo is now International Show champion. Congrats Harry and Wil !

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