December 15, 2008

At the Int Show in Kassel (Germany) Quodian's Aristos becomes German Junior Champion. Congratulations to his proud owners Kevin and Monique Losner .

  November 12, 2008

Imaages from the KCM 2008 in Hoenderloo could be found in my album.

  November 10, 2008

Message from Petra vd Meijden about her puppy Quodian's Csilla (called Donna). Donna is a daughter of our Csupy and Okos. We probably will hear more about her and forthcoming shows!

Yesterday we went to the dogshow in Bleiwswijk. What an experience! Donna had to get used to this, and found it all strange at first. All those people and dogs! After a while she was OK with it. She was the only wire haired Vizsla in the babyclass, so no competition. Hahaha. Dinna and me walked through the ring and after judging she was awarded with a 'promising'. I was very proud ofcourse. Later that day we were expected in the ring for the judging of the best baby of the show and Donna got a 6th place!! We have a lovely cup now and we are very proud!!

  November 8, 2008

News from Denmark

Quodian's Wanda (Wagga) was enteered into the Nordic Winner show 2008 (something similar like our Winner show). She was BOB and 3rd Best of Group 7. As you can see it was a tiring day!

  November 6, 2008

Results Bundessieger and Zuchtschau Dortmund 2008

It was a good weekend again with 2 show days and a very nice evening with out Vizsla friends at our local hotel.
Results :Bundessieger

bitches junior class: : Q Zenith Jugendbundesieger 2008
dogs junior class : Q Aristos Jugendbundesieger 2008
bitches open class : Q Szép és Édes Bundessieger 2008 en BOB
bitches intermediate class : Q Xtravaganza uitm. 1 en CAC

Results zuchtschau : Zenith CAC , Aristos CAC , Édes CAC , and also our Éclair (Xtravaganza) got the CAC in her class and became best bitch . On this day Zölmali Ludas got BOB and was placed in the group judging

  October 27, 2008

In the first week of October there was a Hungarian show organized as well as a clubshow and Coupe d'Europe fieldtrials . Ofcourse I had to be there and together with my good friend René Peeters I travelled to Budapest and Cégled. We travelled more than 2000 miles in 7 days but it was worth the effort. A great show with excellent results. A little less good clubshow because of the bad weather and long waiting but above all a great few days on the fields with good hunting and fieldwork. Unfortunately I could not participate due to a communication problem. Here is the link to the images.


  October 27, 2008

On the dogshow at Maastricht ( September 28, 2008), our Édes becomes Dutch Champion


  October 19, 2008

Message about our Xerxes:

Hi Lies, These pics of Xerxes are taken by David Dalton who visited Stockholm last weekend.


  October 18, 2008

Messagr from Austria about Zottel:

Servus, am Samstag waren Zottel und ich sehr Erfolgreich bei der IHA Tulln Zottel wurde im Formwert mit V-1 bewertet. und er wurde Jugendbester. Rassebester wurde er leider nicht weil er zu dünn ist. Er hat aber eine sehr ausgeprägte Muskulatur. Die Richterin hat am Schluss zu mir gesagt das Zottel der beste Hund ist den Sie je in Österreich gesehen hat.


  October 18, 2008

Message from Germany: Jaksi von Haus Schladren ( Son of our Bercsi and Quodian's Ildi ) got a first prize on the HZP with 325 points. A great result especially since most competitors were German wire haired. Congratulations to the owner and breeder.

  October 7, 2008

Message from Chili from our little Szylke, daughter of Csupy who started a big adventure. We wish her all the best and we hope to receive an update every now and then!

Howdy Vizsla's

I am a 3,5 months old puppy and emigrated to a ranch in Chili just one week ago. In short my adventure:
It started a few months ago, when Lies & John received a message from my new boss. They were looking for a sturdy lady who was willing to move to a ranch in South America. Soon I convinced Lies that I had good qualities: a good nose, independent, sometimes even impudent, but this last quality sometimes is even handy because the world is quite large: my garden is 15 ha and the nature reserve even more than 800 ha!

And so my adventures started: it is great here: I can wander around the whole day, saw calves being born, met horses, noticed birds building nests and the weather is great since spring just started. I have to learn a lot according to my boss and we train on daily basis. I will go with my boss when he is horseriding, travel around and will hunt.

I want to thank John & Lies that they've chosen me to go to Cynthia and Maikel. I will send a message every now and then to keep you posted about my adventures!

Hasta la Vizsla,

   September 21, 2008

KCM 2008: On September 21, we went to the annual club championship shows in Hoenderloo (Nl). The weather, atmosphere and the results were outstanding. Thanks to judge Mr van Soest for his judging.
  • Clubwinner CAC 2008 Quodian's Waldemar (Bajusz) owned by Piet and Loes Koch B.O S, CAC
  • bitches Quodian's Xtravaganza res, CAC
  • dogs Quodian's Yoker reserve CAC
  • bitches Quodian's Oda

a proud John and happy Lies

Click here for images

  September 20, 2008

The Wire haired Vizsla Draadhaar was featured in the September issue of the Magazine 'Weet'!!
On the cover an image of our Édes

de weet

  August 20, 2008

Quodian's Waldemar got his KNJV B diplom in Haaften. We are very proud of Bajusz. Congrats to his owner Loes Koch!!

click for larger image

diploma  diploma proef

  August 20, 2008

Dear readers. Ofcourse it is great to mention all the great results that our dogs get all over the world, on shows and fieldtrials. Champion, Worldchampion, Trials et etc. But I am still most proud of messages like the one below. This is why we breed Vizslas in the first place!

Dear friends,
I hope all is well with you and that Csupy and her puppies are all healthy. I know Monique keeps you well supplied with information and photos of Aristos, but I just wanted to express my own sincere appreciation once again of what a wonderful dog you have given us. I never thought I would have a dog who could surpass my last one for good character, but Ari is at the very least his equal and in many respects better. His gives both of us so much joy every day, and it is an absolute delight to see how he develops and makes friends with everyone. I could not hope for more in a canine companion than what he is now, and he just keeps getting better. I am so glad that Monique talked me into a Vizsla and that we found a breeder with such excellent standards. Best regards,
Kevin Lossner

  August 15, 2008

A very old message already, but still nice to read! Quodian's Winrick became 3rd best puppy in show in Hungary on a national Hungarian Breed show (2007.09.02). Thanks and congrats to his owner Novecki Katalin .

  1. Méntelepi Kócos Juhar fehér puli , T.: Fejes Pálné, t.: Fejes Pálné
  2. Quodian's Winrick drótszoru magyar vizsla, T.: L. H. Van Essen, t.: Noveczki Katalin
  3. Dévaj Muvész magyar agár, T.: Szanka Judit, t.: Szan

  August 6, 2008

Baranka and Boglárka daughters from Q Panaché

We said goodbye to Boglárka. She now lives with Dennis and Dushi Gideonse and her older brother Anton (Quodian's Simon ) partly in France, partly in the Netherlands. Lotte, as she is called now has a very good home now. Baranka on the right is called Baranka now and is being spoilt by her owner John.

  August 5, 2008

News from Denmark about Quodian's Wanda
Hi Lies. I am especially happy to tell you that Wagga passed her retrieval test today with max points - 30. water, forrest and rabbit trail. 25 dogs participated, 20 passed, only 3 had max points. 2 short haired vizslas and one wire participated. 2 vizslas passed with 30 and 27 points. Big smile. I reckon Wagga will get the Danish Vizsla Club pokal for this test, since it goes to the best result or if even score to the youngest. There will be more tests, so we shall see.

  August 5, 2008

We are very proud that Quodian's Pandur is now World Champion! He was judged in the working class by Tamas Jakkel from Hungary on the world dog show in Sweden (2008). We are very grateful and happy for owner Hanna Salvolanen from Finland.

  August 3, 2008

Fürdoházi Athos
Words are enough..

Dear Lies and Jinke
Today around 2pm Gulyas died. We are so sad that he is no longer with us, but we know that there was no other solution and that we could not go on like this. We loved Gulyas the moment we saw him and during the 9 months that we took care of him, we loved him more and more. We cared for him a lot and the loss we feel now can't be described, but we wouldn't have missed a second of it. We are happy that Gulyas could spend some of his time with us. Dora lies on the couch on her own now and we wonder if she realizes that Gulyas won't come back. I don't think so. She will miss him as well. Dora comforts us, but we would have wanted Gulyas around some more time. We can't change it unfortunately. Love from Janine, Erik, Milan, Dennis, Jesse and Dora...

A last farewell from Gulyas

10-03-1997   -   27-06-2008

  August 3, 2008

News about Buster:  
Dear Lies
Attached 3 images of Buster. He is lovely. As feom day one he feels at home. Ofcourse he already fell into the pond a few times. Nearby is a forest where we walk him a lot. Well that said, HE runs around and we walk quietly. He is really lively and he can really obey (if and when he likes it). Marjo goes to obedience class for puppies with him. We are very happy with him. We hope to meet again on the Vizsla gathering!


  August 3, 2008

We also got some news from the US:
Hello Lies,
You may have read or heard already, but one of Leahs offspring, GRCH,TAN, Vidor's Aura ("Breeze") got a UKC Best in Show this past weekend. This makes Leah not only the top producing dam of champions in the USA, but now the dam of the firs HWV to go Best in Show in a US all breed registry. I am so very proud of her and her kids....and will be smiling for at least a week! If you wish to post about her wonderful contribution to this breed in the US...I have attached a favorite photo of mine of her.
PS...I just may give showing her a try this summer and get her Championship at the ripe age of 6 yrs old. Even if she IS mine, I can say without a doubt, she IS the most gorgeous, and most balanced and correct female HWV I have ever seen. She certainly carries the Quodians/Quodijins flag for you here in the US. Carlolyn DeFiore Vidor Vizsla's USA

  August 3, 2008

We got some new about Zappa:
Attached some photographs of Zappa, when he was 4 months old. We are very fond of Zappa and he enjoys our garden, but he even prefers the Ulvenhoutse Bos where he is able to run around and where he can play and socialize with other dogs. Zappa grows well and is very healthy. In short: he is doing great. We will keep you posted about Zappa. Regards from his owners.


  June 8, 2008

We received a very nice message from Denmark abut Quodian's Wanda:

I am pleased to inform you that Wagga was awarded a 1st. prize for her first schweiss test today. The track was 400 meters and had laid for 3 hours.

Winning on a show is nice, but winning on a field trial is even better. I am very proud of you!

  June 6, 2008

And this is Quodian's Borostyan...(we call her Dara)


at this moment she hears whistling (because a picture is taken) but Dara is busy with other things. There are lots of ducks, and that is far more interesting than being photographed! Dara lives is Friesland (Bolsward) and enjoys the water and the fields. We (Jelle and Hinke, kids and grandchildren) could not wish for a better dog. Thanks Lies!

  May 27, 2008

We received some news about Betyar:

Little Betyar just went to his very first show and had quite the weekend. I drove almost 1000 miles, 14 hrs. to Perry, Georgia this past weekend for the first ever WHVCA match, along with a full weekend of UKC shows held by the Middle Georgia Kennel Club.

The fun match (no points or anything official) had 8 dogs & puppies in it, 4 puppies: 2 were 3-6 months, 2 6-12 months, and 4 open adults. A friend of Nancy's who raises & field trials smooth vizslas and has a WHV was our judge. It was just Nancy & me to handle the dogs, until we got some little junior handlers, daughters of another friend to help us out. They did a super job, too!! Betyar, who is just 13 weeks old, was Best Puppy and then won Best in Match!!!!!

  26 mei 2008

We got a lot of photograpgs and messages from our puppyowners. Too much to add them all to the website at this moment. Thanks a lot for sending these! I also would like to say thanks to all of you who sent me flowers and cards after the funeral. Thanks!

I hope to meet a lot of you on the Vizsla day on June 29 in Dongen.

Read more about this day

  May 26, 2008

Results Dogshow on May 25 in Bennekom (NL)

9 wire haired Vizsla's :
  • Bator Réti Frédi 1 Excellent
  • Quodian's Waldemar 1 Excellent
  • Quodian's Szép és Édes 1 Excellent CAC BOS

16 short haired
  • Quodian's Una 2nd Excellent

  May 26, 2008

We got a message from Austria about Zoltan

Servus, mal wieder ein Lagebericht über Zolti. Er entwickelt sich prächtig hat nun schon 15 kg, ein super Fell. Wir gehen in eine normale Hundeschule um Ihn zu sozialisieren. Am Anfang war er noch bei den Welpen, aber sein Drahthaartemperament hat uns veranlasst ihn bei den großen dazu zu geben. In die Jagdhundeschule gehen wir auch. Seine Nase ist exzellent. Er hat schon frische Hasen und Fasanengeläufe ausgearbeitet. Eine Schleppe mit einer Wildschweinschwarte hat er trotz Dauerregen nach zwei Stunden super ausgearbeitet. Alles in allem wird er sicher ein super Jagdgefährte.....nur ist er nach dem Üben immer sooo müde ( siehe Fotos ) Grüße aus der Steiermark Rolf


  May 25, 2008

Typical Vizsla !!!
This is Tunde with her adopted Lamb in Greece

  May, 2008

We have 2 official HD results of our X litter: Xerxes as well as Xtravaganza (Éclair) are HD A. Also Berci's pup (mother Quodijin's Catou) has HD A

  May 10, 2008

Click for larger version

Click here for Vicky Brown's "look for me in rainbows" (mp-3 format - 3.1 Mb)

  May 6, 2008

Click for larger version


  April 26, 2008

There is also some bad news. Our Ricky become seriously ill and our vet advises us to prevent any further suffering. An aggressive tumour was the cause of his illness. Dear Ricky (Fram od Smutné Ricky) you were a great dog that went through a whole lot: born in the Tsjech Republic, sold to Slowakia and after that sold to the United States, and spending your last years in Holland. For us you will live further in all your puppies all over the world.

  April 20, 2008

Our Berci (komloseri Bator ) ecomes Int. Champion on the show in Osnabruck (Germany). Hij becomes BOB and it could get any better when he also wins group 7: unique in Germany. I was so proud! During the judging for BIS only the best in show was chosen, so no more placements there. A great ending of Berci's show career.

  April 5, 2008

We are very proud of Erna Gunderson and her dog Bajusz. They get a F certificate with a 2nd VG. I think Bajusz is the first wire haired in Holland with this result!

  March 27, 2008

Field trial Vizsla Club on March 27, 2008 : our Csupi wins her Novice class after a difficult start and in bad weather. Quodian's Una (silke) our short haired Vizsla is still with us and every now and then she drives us insane with her energy and tricks. She shows a lot of hunting potential but due to everything that has happened we had no time to train with her. We are happy that her hips and eyes are fine and she is free from genetic diseases as from April 10, 2008. We planned to enter her for the TAN (test natural abilities for hunting), organizes by the Belgian Vizsla Society.

  March 16, 2008

We received this image from Veronique (Belgium). She let uw know that she participated in a competition called 'canicross'. This is a sporting event for dogs and their owners. They werd placed 5th. Congratulations both! !

  March 15, 2008

News from Denmark:

Quodian's Wanda (Wagga): 3e prize spring field trial juniorclass.
Congratulations to the proud owner and trainer Mona Lisa Jegh

Wagga's list becomes pretty impressive:
  • HD A
  • Hunting tests:
    • Junior retrieving test 27 points (max 30).
    • Non official spring field trial 1st prize.
    • Official spring field trial 3rd prize.
  • Exhibition:
    • 1st prize, youth class, Herning nov. 2007. Judge Flemming Konnerup.


      March 15, 2008

    Dear all

    ue to family circumstances, in combination with my busy job (until end of the this month) I can not always respond timely to your messages. Please keep sending me messages and images, I will try to respond as soon as possible. I guess better times will come soon!

    Regards John 7 Lies

      February 21, 2008

    Show in Germany on February 16, 2008   Results : Judge E Deutscher Austria
    • Quodian's Una :
      Korrekt in typ,sehr schöner kopf ,korrekt behang,edles äuberes ,kopf trocken , gerader rücken , korrekte brustausforung , winkelung und front vorzuchlich , rutenansatz korrekt , korrekte bewegung , freundliches wesen .
      Excellent 1
      VDH CAC
      Rheinlandsieger 2008
    • Quodians's Xtravaganza
      Jugendlich in typ, lebhafter trockener und hargerer jagdhund jugendliche brusttiefe , winkelungen sehr gut, typischer kopf , drahthaarig , harter bart , behang und rutenansatz korrekt , jugendliche bewegungsablauf , freundlich im wesen. 
      Very Good 1.
      Bester Junghund
      Rheinlandjugendsieger 2008

      February 15, 2008

    We got an update on Quodian's Utas Youp, one of our short-haired puppies


    It's been a while, so we decided to let you know how Youp does. Last update was about Youp when he got his exam 'gehoorzame huishond' and was placed first. After that, he was also placed first during the next exam (gehoorzame huishond 2). We went on with agility and got third. I think he could not get sleep after that. Speed is not his problem, no-one can keep track during the race. But due to his enthousiasm he sometimes looses points. We just go on with agility and try to temper his enthousiasm a little bit. I bet we can expect something from him during competitions. In short: he does well, is healthy, is well trained and we can't think of a life without him.

    Bye for now from John, Ilona, Naomi and a paw from Youp

      February 7, 2008

    In my friend's kennel, a special litter was born: puppies of the rare breed Griffon Blue de Gascogne. Just take a look on the website. It is good that our couch is full (with our Vizsla's), who knows what would have happened otherwise!!!!

      February 3, 2008

    New about Quodian's Una

    Una ('Silke') came back to us in November 2007. She is one of the short haired Vizsla's from Ciska's one and only litter.

    Silke is a passionate dog and very active, but is also easy to handle and has a lovely character. All this made us decide to keep Silke. We will visit some shows with her and we also hope to be able to develop her hunting abilities. Meanwhile we had official hipdysplasia x-rays taken and the result was a fine A. We are very happy with that. From time to time we will add updates about Silke on this page.


      January 31, 2008

    We got a great letter about Tuunde from Crete.

    Hello Lies,
    I send you an update about our Tuunde (Quodian's Xenia). Lovely, lovely, huge, strong and sometimes clumsy. But also gorgeous a real beauty. Maybe the largest wire haired Vizsla female in the world, steady on a weight of 33 kgs. What a darling! She had some ear problems, but that is improving already with some antibiotics and drops. She shadows us the whole day and is very naughty with her playmate Luka, the white 'devil' who is only a few months older than Tuunde. About food: we would be able to feed her five times a day, something we won't do obviously.

    Regards from both of us,   Ton & Marian.


      January 23, 2008

    News from Sweden about Xer. He was entered into the Swedish Winnershow and won with a great result": Swedish juniorwinner-08, BOB and CK.

    The judge Sandra Mashford thougth this about him
    Good breedtype. Excellent head and expression, good neck and forequaters for age. Level topline, good hindquaters, bone and feet. Only a youngster, should mature well.


      January 22, 2008

    This time a nice image of Quodian's Feroz with his owner Kees van Pouderoyen after Crow hunting. Feroz worked well!!!


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