February 2, 2018

02-02-2018 Int. Dogshow Eindhoven - judge : Mrs. L. Cox (IE)
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  February 1, 2018

Just like last year I was a couple of days in the UK to stay at my friends and their Vizslas. I was lucky enough to be able to join as 'picker' in their team. It was a great but bitterly cold day and I enjoyed the dogs. Cinka Csinos z Vodneho Mlyna who is the ancestress of my short haired Vizslas worked hard and showed how good she still is at 13 years of age. The next day I walked with Coppice and Aliz and made some images.

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  January 29, 2018

The litter of Jegyes and Onyx is born. There are 3 male puppies and 6 female puppies. Klick on the puppypage for more information and images.

  January 14, 2018

Dog of the year show 2017

This year we were able to compete with 3 dogs at the Dog of the year show. Before and during the show we were followed by a film crew of the AD (a national newspaper). Click on the images to see the videos:

Quodian's Glayva was chosen as one of the 6 best of group 7. Unfortunately Rembrandt was not chosen. Mars, our Pointer stayed at home because I was unable to show 2 dogs at the same time. We had a great day with good results. I am very proud.

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  January 11, 2018

Jegyes obviously carries puppies! She will have her litter around January 29. Click here for more information.

  17 december 2017

Amsterdam Winnershow 2017

I am so proud of our Pepperr

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  November 17, 2017

We expect puppies again. Please click on the puppypage for more information

  November 7, 2017

The weekend of 4 and 5 November was very succesful when we went to Dogshow Bleiswijk. On the first day we entered Mars our Pointer. He becamse 1st excellent, CAC/CACIB/BOB. Pepperrr (Quodian's Mandi) was also entered to get her acquainted with the show ring. She was excited but did her best and was awarded with a 1st excellent and best junior female. Not only that, she was also 2nd best female and got a reserve CAC.

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Our champion Quodian's Glayva did very well. She won out of 5 wire haired Vizsla's and got 1st excellent, CAC/CACIB/BOB, and was later chosen 3rd Best in Group 7.

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Day 2 was not very succesful for our mars. He was attacked by a dreadful dog and was very disturbed by it and did not perform well after the incident. Pepperrr was not entered but our Glayva was. She got another 1st excellent CAC/CACIB and BOB and was chosen Best in Group 7 and ended 10th Best in Show. Glayva qualified for dog of the year for the 4th time now.

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  October 17, 2017

We had the chance to compete in a fiels trial in Austria. The circumstances were difficult this time. It was very hot for the time of year with 25 degrees Celsius and the ground was dry and hard. There was also no wind. Not easy but Cayenne managed to score twice. At the end of the season she has 8 qualifications in 4 countries. I am so proud of her! click for a larger image


  October 4, 2017

Coupe d'Europe for Vizsla's in Neastved Denemark.
The 19th Coupe d'Europe for Vizsla's was held in Denmark from September 22-24. A small but efficient team from the Danish club worked hard to hold a perfectly organized event. There were 8 countries and 68 Vizsla's. The Dutch team was formed by Michael Pallesen with Quodian's Rembrandt, Monique van Rozendaal with Quodian's Rivella, Szervusz Csilke (daughter of Rivella) and Szervusz Delta, and ourselves with Quodian's Cayenne and her daughter Quodian's Cajun. Yvette Hoorman brought the wire haired Vizsla's Quodijin's Gundi and Fenyes Varasz Glenda (Glenda is a daughter from Glen Talloch). Six years ago we ended in 2nd place but this year we became 6th. But we were still very pleased with the qualifications of Rivella and Cayenne and ofcourse with the qualifications of Yvette with Glenda and Gundi. We hope to qualify again next year as to be able to compete in the 20th anniversary edition of the event. click for a larger image

  September 11, 2017

Results of the clubshow:

Vizsla wire haired females
Vizsla wire haired males
Guus and Glayva are both offspring from Quodian's Glen Talloch Clubwinner 2011 and 2012.

Vizsla short haired males

Vizsla short haired females
We also too Yenny our granny and she got a 1st excellent in Veteranclass. Her granddaughter Benka also was awarded with a 1st excellent in junior class. Pepper got an excellent on her first show.

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  September 11, 2017

We were on a working holiday again in Austria with a couple of friends. We trained well and even got good results on field trials. We enjoyed our trip. Cayenne and Cajun got good qualifications and our Pointer Liecke got a 2nd 'excellent' in the Derby (Juniors)

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  August 25, 2017

Jazz got her litter on August 18. Click on the puppypage for more information

  August 10, 2017

CACT fieldtrial in Nagyvaszony (H) Judges Lubos Knapp SK and Peter Atilla H.
Our first after season field trial was in Hungary. We entered Quodian's Rembrandt and Quodian's Cayenne. The circumstances were not ideal that day because of the strong winds. Despite the wind our dogs were able to find the partridges and got rewarded with a 2nd 'Good' for Rembrandt and a 3rd 'Good' for Cayenne.

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  August 2, 2017

August 30, 2017: Benelux Winner show Rotterdam. A special day because it is the first show for Quodian's Leya!

Because the show in Rotterdam is nearby and always well organised and lots of fun we decided to enter two dogs. We entered our young wire haired Vizsla (John's sweety) and Csipke our short haired Vizsla. Leya is only 9 months old and behaved and showed very well. The judge, mr. Gerard H Mensink liked her a lot and awarded her with 1st excellent and best female of the day! She got a CAC and became Benelux Juniorwinster.

Csipke also did very well. She was entered in working class and became 1st (because she was the only one entered in the working class) and was later also awarded with a CAC/CACIB and became Beneluxwinster. We were very proud and happy. After a long day the two girls were allowed to swim in a muddy pond ofcourse!

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  July 18, 2017

We expect a very special litter at the end of August 2017 from Quodian's Jazz (ch. Vizcaya's Song Sung Blue imp US x ch. Csipkeskuti Juhar) and Drak z Tisnovskych Reviru (Int W Ch Diansa z Panských lesú x Tr Tonga du Clos de la Baudeliere). Click on the puppypage for more information.

  July 17, 2017

Lomar has a new home !

When we bought Lomar in Slowakia, my friend Petra picked him up and he spent a few days with her. Petra loved him instantly because of his character, his looks and his working qualities. She asked and asked for over two years and finally she got what she wanted: she now has Lomar and is able to love him and work with him. Lomar can work every day now and thatis ofcourse what he wants to do. I am so pleased! We wish Petra, Ingeborg and Lomar lots of happy years to follow with lots of wins on field trials and maybe some nice puppies too in the future!

  July 3, 2017

We are very proud of Quodian's Tareck. He is the first Wirehaired Vizsla in the USA that got awarded with the title Silver Grand Champion. This is a great honour. I thank and congratulate his owner Sergio Alonso in Argentina and his handler Nancy Edmunds who showed him. Meanwhile Tareck is home again in Buenos Aires after 2 years in the USA.

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  June 28, 2017

Meanwhile I went to some show with Benka and with great results! Benka's first show was on April 16, 2017. My dear friend Belinda showed her and did very well. It was great to see the two in the ring. Benka got awarded with excellent 1, CAC/CACIB en Best of Breed. Benka got two more great results. Excellent 1 with CAC and BOB on the Braboshow and excellent 1, CAC/CACIB/BOB on the Pinkstershow in June. Happy with that!

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  February 15, 2017

Disappointed!! Unfortunately our trip to the UK did not pay off. Ardeche is not pregnant.

  January 23, 2017

Honeymoon to England

2017 started off well for us. Mid January we went to the UK because Ardeche had to be mated by Tordaszigeti Notás who lives in the UK. I prepared for the trip, took some days off work, booked the ferry from Hoek of Holland to Harwich and after some days of progesteron level tests to determine the righht day, we went to the UK. We had some wonderful days with Pam and Colin and the most important thing: the two dogs liked eachother. We now have to wait for a positive ultra sound!

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  january 22 2017

We received some images from the owners of Quodian's Red Oak (yentle). The images show how good he is as working dog!

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  January 7, 2017

Britta has a new owner! When Edes died, the pack at Hetty and Rene was not complete anymore. Kaya (13) and Oda (11) missed their mate but a puppy as not an option for these two old ladies. After ample deliberation we found that Britta would be a good new member of the pack and after a week it is clear: Britta found a great new home.

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